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- NEW ZEALAND (bis): Our dispatch of last week concerning the new project of Noah's ark, found various echoes. Some understood it simply as a funny story for summer time, others doubted about the truth of the reported facts, others again accused us of plagiarism... All of this is a bit true. In reality, in this parabola, Noah stands for ourselves; God stands for O.L. Jesus Christ who, although not of this world, governs it majestically; the flood stands for the fire by which this world will perish (cf. 2nd letter of St Peter, chapter 3 verses 7, 10 and 12: " The earth, including all the works it contains, will be consumed"); the ark is for example the project of the 'Christian European Party' which we are preparing against winds and tides (see the news below); two examples of each species, it's all our good works; the thousand difficulties which rise in front of Noah, it's the power of the Evil who tempts to slow down and even to annihilate our Christian projects; Noah's obedience face to God's wish, it's our unalienable faith in God in front of a world which is persecuting us everywhere; the test of which speaks God at the end of the parabola, it's all our existence attacked by the outside and interior evil temptations. The essence of the message - what a consolation! - is this one: more important than to get our projects through, is to obey to God's beloved Will who wants our eternal salvation. Let's admit, we are far beyond a mockery of summertime!... - (ru)

- CHRISTIAN EUROPE. The project of a Party of European Christians (PEC) is going well ahead (cf. RU 25/2007). We received 25 % of positive answers. This is encourageing! Let's summarize the major contributions:

- A party? Yes, because we are not going to content ourselves with a vague pro-Christian lobby, nor with a Panzer division, but we'll build a vehicle capable to intervene efficiently in the mechanisms of this world, as our fathers did, a nightmare for our enemies. "Give to God..., and to Caesar...!"

- Majority? Not necessary. In Poland the tiny but 100 % Catholic party 'League of Polish Families' of our friend Maciej Giertych and his son Roman Giertych, minister of Education, with only 4 % of the Polish votes, leads in fact the politics of the present governmental coalition and makes tremble Brussels (anti-abortion, anti-homo, pro-family...).

- Legal form: association of the new 'European type', with the statutes to be deposited in Strasbourg and Brussels, valid for all of Europe.

- Emblem (banner): the Holy Face of Jesus on the Sindone of Turin, 'not made by the hands of man'.

- 1st principle: to be the lawyers of the tens of millions of aborted babies. It's ultimately necessary that someone defends their issue in a well known form, in the 'democratic' machinery which is in fact a totalitarian system. The fact to represent all murdered babies gives to this party, from the beginning, the real weight of millions of 'voiceless humans'.

- 1st goal: abolition of the death penalty bestowed to the babies before being born, and validation of the death penalty for their assassins, either by physical dismemberment, or by chemical poisoning, or by denial of nourishment, according to the abortion mode parcticed by each of the abortionists.

- Other objectives: far behind, because THE HUMAN LIFE prevails over all of them; the secondary objectives are to be defined by a 'brainstorm' which is currently in progress. A charter of 'non negotiable objectives' will be the basis of the all-European Christian synergy to be achieved. This summer 2007 we shall open a rubric on Internet with the main contributions to this project, as an instrument of reflection for everyone interested.

- Financing: will actually be very reduced, since our adversaries will take care of our publicity. The principle will be: without money against the powers of money. Our strength will be the rosary.

- Voters: virtually all upright Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants in Europe who will finally find a Christian party without compromise for which they can vote without remorse nor disappointment.

- Common front: all over Christian Europe, from Brest to Moscow, from Dublin to Talinn, and from Fatima to Tbilissi, either on the basis of a single PEC party, or on the basis of a narrow cooperation between existing or future truly Christian parties. Already several Christian parties, in the west, the north and the east of Europe, would be ready to cooperate for this project.

- Timetable: 1) 'Brainstorm', culminating in 2 meetings in Paris and Lyon in december 2007; 2) work of commissions, culminating in a meeting 'results and propositions' in June 2008; 3) deposit of statutes on Jan. 1, 2009; 4) 1st election campaign, for the European elections to be held in June 2009.

- Role of our UNEC association (Union of the Nations of European Christians) in this project: guarantor of the term '100 % Christian without compromise', without wanting to become the controlling instance of the future party or entity. The first president should be a non-French European, only capable to bring the French Christians between themselves to an agreement, for example a Belgian... Matter to be follow up closely. - (ru)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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