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- CHRISTIAN EUROPE. Here is a press release of the association UNEC, of last week, which may become the starting point of a future CHRISTIAN EUROPEAN PARTY without compromise, in all of Europe. Quote: "To all thinking heads.

-- At the hour of the vertiginous fall of the FN (Front National) in France, at the time of the last 2 elections, an idea comes forcefully back: the one to finally found a totally Christian European party, based exclusively on the Gospel, the natural law and the social doctrine of the Church as it has been transmitted to us by the Tradition, and represented by upright men and women, with no compromise in relation to the laws of indissoluble marriage and personal incorruptibility. It will be a time-consuming work of which one will see the effects maybe only after 5 or 10 or 20 years. But with God's grace, this work is feasible and is never too late.

-- The association Union of the Nations of European Christians (UNEC) has been established in January 1989 by a few French, German and Belgian friends, precisely with the goal to form an authentically Christian party - or movement - in all of Europe. From the first symposium we got involved with this objective, but we understood quickly that we were not ready. It was necessary to prepare the ground, to weave ties all over Europe, east and west, to discover and study its Christian roots. That's what we have done during 18 years, notably by our international symposia, pilgrimages, the RU press service, creation of a network of delegates in the European countries, humanitarian actions in the East, co-foundation of Radio-Silence on Internet, study circles (Charlemagne, Holy Tunic, Shroud of Turin), and also our action SOS MOTHERS in order not only to speak but also to act in a truly christian way...

-- For the 20th anniversary of UNEC, in January 2009, this project could finally be realized, in a final form yet to be worked out, for the next European elections (in June 2009). We are at 1 ¸ years before that point of time !

-- If you agree - and you are cordially invited to give rapidly your opinion on it - I propose two measures for the meantime:

1) a 'brain-storm' meeting early in December 2007, in Paris and/or Lyon, where during the morning each one will be able to express his views and propositions for this big project (for ex. during 5 to 10 mins. each, according to the number of intervening persons), and in the afternoon constitution of a few commissions which will work during 6 months:

- Elaboration of statutes (from basis texts like 'Charter for a Christian Europe' by UNEC of 1996, 'Letter to the Heads of State of Africa' by Rev.Fr. Marziac, statutes of the party of Mr de Villiers, voting recommendations 2007 by Romain Marie, statutes of the 'Party of Polish Families' by our friend Maciej Giertych, etc.);

- Encounters with similar Christian parties in Europe (there are existing some of them notably in Belgium, Holland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Austria, Sweden, England, Russia) in view of cooperations, or even of an organization in network, with a synergy to be defined;

- Historic researches on the substance and the organization of Christian Europe of yesterday (notably the Carolingians, Ottons, Habsburgs);

- Group of particular reflection on the problematic royalty-democracy as to our project;

- Propaganda (advertisement, posters, fliers, magazine? etc.);

- Financial structure;

- Spirituality...

2) Six months later, i.e. in the beginning of June 2008, could take place a meeting of synthesis where each commission presents its findings and advices. All what will follow - or not - will depend on that meeting.

One of the most important questions is, if it's necessary to found a party (even a European one), or if another structure would be more appropriate. Other problem, the bipartism: one could imagine a movement whose members are active in already existing parties, working in the classical Evangelical way of salt of the earth, leaven in the dough, light on the mountain...

-- A vast building project! With our poor forces, everything will fail. But with God's grace, we shall have Christian Europe tomorrow. It's necessary to start.

Waiting for your kind reactions, if you want to take some minutes of reflection on this proposal which becomes urgent, in Xto Iesu yours truly, Winfried WUERMELING, secr. gen., UNEC ". - (ru)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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