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- WORLD: The Vatican calls the Catholics from all over the world to boycott Amnesty International, because of its recent pass-over into the camp of the abortionists. It's cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, who expressed himself in this way on June 13th. In fact, the international association A.I. gave very recently its definite approval to abortion in the cases of "rape, incest and extreme risk to the health of the mother", as well as to the "decriminalization" of abortion. Thus, the association is going to become the universal advocate of the murder of the babies, even though it tries to deny it. According to the cardinal, A.I. betrayed its mission that is the promotion of human rights and the human dignity. He specified: "The Church teaches that it is never justifiable to kill an innocent human life. Abortion is murder. To selectively justify abortion, even in the cases of rape, is to define the innocent child within the womb as an enemy, a 'thing' that must be destroyed." Trying to love mankind while forgetting God and his divine laws, leads sooner or later to despise the human beings, and even to destroy them. As the Catholics contribute substantially to the financing of A.I., one can be astonished that an association of that universal size rather agrees to abandon an essential part of its resources than to give up to sacrifice to the moloch of the culture of the death imposed by the hidden powers of this world. In one word, A.I. is becoming the universal advocate of barbarism. The Catholic parishes must withdraw all A.I. publicity and posters from their panels. Will it be necessary to recall it to them? - (ru; cf. LSN June 14)


- JERUSALEM. The abomination will take place: in the very center of the Holy City the Gay Pride parade of the homosexuals is taking place on Thursday June 21st, after having received the final authorization from the police last week. This demonstration - with an estimated participation of 4000 to 8000 gays - is supposed to be the top point of a set of parades in the world between June 18th and 28th. It will finish by a 'party' on the lawns of a public park. Last year the Gay Pride had been forbidden to be held in the streets of the city, by fear of 'offending religious communities'. This year, one doesn't fear anything anymore, except for security. More than 7000 policemen will surround the ignominy. Christians, Orthodox and Moslems of the Holy City are at war with the parade. A counterdemonstration is foreseen for which the promoters are expecting 100,000 people. A public poll of 2005 proved that three quarters of the residents of Jerusalem are opposed to the organization of such a parade, considered as 'a direct insult against religions and a degrading the Holy City'. The Government is preparing a law which will henceforth enable the township to forbid such demonstrations, but this law will only become valid after this summer. According to minister Eli Yishai it's necessary to prevent from now on such parades which are "harmful to the feelings of the public and which are humiliating the Holy City by devious and marginal groups". In Europe, one doesn't protest anymore, we are already at a 'higher' step: the organization of the EuroPride which is taking place in the Spanish capital from June 22nd to July 1st, 2007... - Already 2000 years ago, "Jesus, while looking towards the city, started to cry". - (ru; cf. LSN June 14)


- ENGLAND: After having deprived the religious and pro-life associations of all public subsidies, the Socialists of the Labour party want now to strangle them while removing from them, by a new procedure of yearly control, the advantage of detaxation. A yearly test must prove that the association is always 'of public utility', while specifying that this term will also depend on the public opinion of the moment. In one word, one introduces political criteria. Particularly aimed are groups of evangelization, including Catholic schools, but also associations which take care, with love, but sometimes without the support of the larger public, of babies in danger of abortion, of disabled persons, of patients in terminal phase... The 'charities' are no more considered ipso facto as belonging to the domain of general interest. In Canada, this hateful politics, led since the years 1990, drove many charities, notably Catholic associations, to reduce or even to abandon their activities. The anti-Catholic red tide is returning, via the country of Her Majesty, to Europe! - (ru; cf. LSN June 13)


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