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RU 22/2007 - WORLD, FRANCE

- WORLD: This month of June 2007, our press service RU (UNEC) celebrates its 10th anniversary. Ten years of Christian news, reports comments and announcements which were often rare, and difficult to find in the other media, even Christian ones. In addition, RU (which means Reseau Unec = Unec Network) enjoys a total Christian liberty, as well in the choice of its news as regarding its commentaries, since it's independent of any commands or financing coming from outside. Some 70 paying subscriptions (30 Euro/year, for the postal dispatch of our weekly editions of 1 or 2 pages each) finance indeed the activity of the RU elaboration and dispatch: 440 free subscriptions by email in French, 70 in German, 60 in English and 20 in Russian, without mentioning the oral version in French language on Radio-Silence ( The Website of UNEC (, under the RU category, contains the archive of the RU dispatches since May 2005, in French, English, German and Russian, with a search engine which is interior to the site. Moreover, we are currently elaborating - but only in French language - a complete register of all news dispatched since 10 years, in the form of an Excel (XL) file, classified by by date, name, topic or country, which permits to find easily a researched article: a useful tool for journalists or other Christian writers, or even for the personal research of everyone. This XL file will be soon available on our Internet site UNEC, freely usable after downloading it on your computer. However, the texts of the news articles themselves are archived on the site Internet UNEC only since May 2004, i.e. since 3 years (abt. 150 issues). For the other dispatches (1997 to April 2004 = 350 issues), in English or German language, one can order a complete photocopy on paper near our secretariat for the sum of 30 Euro, or even the totality of our RU dispatches from 1997 to this very day (500 issues) for 50 E. In the 2 cases we will add without supplemaentary cost the complete XL register on CD. To order with: UNEC, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, - Our principles: "The truth will free you" (St John), and "O.A.M.D.G." - Omnia ad maiorem Dei Gloriam. - (ru).


- FRANCE: SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), an association which, since 12 years already, tries to help young mothers exposed to the risk of aborting their babies, so that they can welcome them, and that could save, together with their mothers, up to now 350 babies from abortion, sent us an excerpt of its "Board Journal" covering the last 10 days of May:

"Friday May 18th:

S. drowned herself, in a small city of Normandy. She was 17 years old. The baby she carried in her womb died with her. R.I.P. Today our chaplain will celebrate a Mass for their eternal salvation. We never saw this girl, but she was already in contact with Suzanne, one of our young helpers, in fact her friend in the high school. Suzanne had talked to her about us, one week before. S. had explained her situation: her mom who hates her, the strokes she received from her own mom when she began to explain that she carried a baby and that she would like to keep it. Upon that, Suzanne wanted to bring her to us in Paris, in order to discuss together, but Lea, our person responsible in the Paris area, was sick; therefore the visit in Paris was scheduled for one week later. One week too much. May God be merciful to her and her baby!

- A similar case, the same week: M., she will be 18 years old (major) in September 2007. Same awful relation with her mom who wants absolutely to know from whom is the baby her daughter carries. M. cannot say it, since the baby's father is one of the previous lovers of her own mother. In fact, during all her life this mom dragged her daughter like a weight, as she wasn't married. And now this baby on top of it! We discussed with this mom while offering our help to her daughter to save the baby. Terrifying altercation. Finally this infernal mom required "450 USD every month, otherwise it's njet". We immediately paid cash the first 450 USD (350 Euro), the baby is saved. Her daughter is relieved, she already loves her baby. A story to be followed up. In similar cases the high waves always became flattened later on, which fact will permit that the young M. can continue to live at home. We'll try to continue our assistance with 260 USD (200 E) per month, as our moneybox is not as immense as the Bank of France. It was a heavy week, Lea is close to a nervous breakdown. But she holds through.

Saturday May 26th:

Currently we are following up the case of P., in the north of France, aged 16, placed by a judge, on demand of her own mother, in a home with educator. She is 3 weeks pregnant, and the father of the baby is F., 23 years old, an apparently solid young man whom she had deceived on her age, in a night-club. This one just obtained his diploma of high school teacher for sports. He has a flat. The two love themselves and would like by all means to live together in his flat and to wait patiently for the baby. But here the abortionists come. The mother of P. wants absolutely this baby to disappear since she tries to get a premium for a 'white marriage' using the assistance of 3 North-Africans who are already actively in search of a whitening mariage for P.. They already appeared and tried to separate P. from her friend. The educator, too, wants her to abort her baby, and so does all the surrounding gang (the home, the judge of children, the 3 Africans etc.). She can't get married before the age of 18, and will therefore remain locked up in the home, under the permanent threat of imposed abortion during the next months. What to do? Remains the possibility to place her, upon her demand, without the knowledge of everyone, in one of our welcome families where she would be able to carry her baby quietly and to deliver it, and then to reappear in public. We already practiced several times - and always with success - such operations which are actually a sheltering from outlawed people, since they want to murder a baby. This is the kind of minors whom we would wish to be better protected by the law. Are protected currently by law only the minors who want to proceed to an abortion, even against the will of their parents. But in the contrary case, when the girl doesn't want to abort, everything works against her. Here you can see the truly deathbringing character of our law, a brilliant detail of the culture of death. It's in such cases that we intervene with our weak forces, sometimes, amongst our 350 saved babies, under incredible conditions, real adventures of our Good Lord. And finally we save the baby's young mother at the same time, since for her it's a great experience of life and its true actual conditions, already at a very young age, while deciding herself IN FAVOUR of life, and not AGAINST it. In summary, for the case of P. one can say this: the baby wants to live, the baby's dad wants the baby to live (he just signed a previous recognition), the mother (minor) wants that her baby live. But the French law permits - if not favours - the killing of the baby. It's incredible for a State which is called free and democratic. In fact it's a crime which is committed by the heirs of the bloody Revolution of 1789 and the libertarians of 1968 who have, since long time, the last word in France. One cannot enough denounce these things. God, save P. and her little baby!

Tuesday May 29th:

R, 17 years. She lives in a studio with a boyfriend from whom she's pregnant since 1 ¸ months. But the day before yesterday, his boyfriend was killed by a motorcycle accident. Reaction of the mother of R.: get immediately the baby aborted, because the mother of R. says she cannot pay for the monthly rent of 580 USD (450 E) for the studio which were assured up to now by her daugther's partner. In this situation we met the mother, in presence of her daughter. They were arguing on the sidewalk. Terrifying discussion: to kill or not to kill the baby? The mother seems inflexible, she didn't like this boy, she has financial difficulties, she doesn't well get along with her daughter. It's this terrifying generation of women who are today aged 40, born in the revolutionary year 1968... After a while, we ask the mother, in presence of her trembling daughter: how much money do you want, to drop that dark project? She answers: "At least 750 Euros monthly" (almost 1000 USD). We give cash 700 Euros to her, to calm the things, and shall try to find a less expensive solution for lodging than this studio (that we could possibly recover for SOS MOTHERS?). Matter to be followed up. - Otherwise, we have, these last times, nearly each week 2 births. It comforts us. These babies are born all beautiful, innocent, greedy of life, greedy of God... as if the world restarted from zero. Let's let aside our problems of adult people, and let's help those marvelous new creatures to live at the height of their expectations, as our good parents did with ourselves! And especially: let's never kill a baby, NEVER, under no circumstances!" - End of quotation from "Board Journal" of SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France. - (ru)



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