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- WORLD, HOMOSEXUALITY: Here are some news of this week, from the U.S. and Europe, which you are asked to permit us to mention here, even though they are unpleasant, if not untolerable (cf. LSN April 26th).

. WASHINGTON: In the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, the Congressional Democrats - holding the majority of this Committee - have just rejected all 25 amendments brought in by the Republicans to the ' hate crimes bill', notably to protect the freedom of the churches to preach what is moral and immoral, including in relation to homosexuality. If the Congress also refuses these amendments, the door is open to pull before courthouses bishops and priests who formulate the least critics in relation to the practice of anal sex. The persecution against the churches - especially the Catholic Church - would be for very soon.

. CALIFORNIA: This week dozens of students have been suspended from courses for having protested against homosexuality on the occasion of the "Day of Silence ", instituted since several years in the American educational system in order to commemorate the contempt of the poor dear homosexuals. The homosexuals took profit of this Day to distribute massively their literature on univerity campuses, and no pacific protest is tolerated. In the districts around Sacramento 3 to 4000 students preferred to remain at home in order to avoid to be confronted to promoters of practices against nature who often present themselves disguised in an outrageous way. Yet America is famous for its 'First Amendment' which, they say, guarantees the freedom of opinion and expression. Here is another 'democracy' which is sinking !

. PARIS: A courthouse condemned the Act-up association to... a fine of 1 Euro for having performed a homosexual marriage in the cathedral Notre Dame of Paris in June 2005. During this action that occurred by irruption, a gang of homosexuals attacked the archpriest Mgr Jacquin while beating him up until he fell on the floor, injured and unconscious. This kind of things, in France of today, is worth 1 Euro ! Moreover, Act-up made appeal of this judgment!... One wonders who are the worst in this affair: the homosexuals or their judges?

. NEW YORK: the same Act-up group, founded in New York in 1980, had stormed in 1989 St Patrick's Cathedral during Mass, thrown used condoms at the altar and desecrated the Eucharist. Indeed, one of members had joined the faithful to go to communion (received in the hand!), carried the received consecrated Host towards the cathedral's steps, tore it up and stamped on it, to the approving shouts of the mob gathered outside.

. BRUSSELS: On April 25th, ay the plenum of the European Parliament, MPs from France, Holland and Italy called Poland 'hateful' and 'repulsive' for having refused the promotion of homosexuality in the Polish schools. A motion which incriminates Poland to be 'homophobe' has been ratified by 325 ballots, against 124 ballots against this condemnation, and 150 abstentions. One believes to dream. The motive of this wrath was the recent declaration of the Polish minister for Education, Roman Giertych, Vice Prime-Minister of the government: "One must limit the homosexual propaganda so that children don't receive anti-family views." This was too much. "These are not the values of Europe", raged French socialist MEP Martine Rour. Other deputies joined her: "Poland and the Church only have hate for homosexuals!" At this moment several deputies of Poland and Ireland left the hemicycle to protest against these accusations. The authorities of the E.U. made it clear that they would not tolerate opinions considering homosexuality as being against nature. "It would be in contradiction with the 'European Convention of Human Rights', declared Vladimir Spidia, European High Commissioner for the equality of chances (!). One can only thank God to have given us Catholic Poland, as we ourselves are already prostrated on the floor in front of the evil. - (ru)


- FRANCE, RECOMMENDATIONS FOR VOTING: At the meeting of April 28th of the editor board of Radio-Silence (, a sister association of UNEC, two opinions showed up, concerning the 2nd presidential election ballot : 1) the one of UNEC: The decalogue, notably the 5th command "You won't kill (innocent life), is nonnegotiable for all Christians. Therefore it's unthinkable to vote for Mr. Sarkozy (right) neither for Mrs. Royal (left), as both of them pronounced themselves for such abject and abominable crimes like the assassination of innocent babies by abortion and the marriage between homosexuals. Therefore: GO VOTING, YES, BUT VOTE AN EMPTY BALLOT! But how to do so? There, the French Rebpublic bluntly ignores the Frenchmen, though called 'democratic'. Because one hands over to the voter 2 bulletins only, for the 2 candidates of the system, and no blank bulletin. So it will be necessary to prepare it by yourselves while cutting up a sheet into format A6 (10.5 cm x 14.6 cm), while taking care not to write anything on it. If there are a lot of blank ballots, it could put a challenge to a democracy of State which only has the name of it and which became in truth a hidden totalitarianism. 2) But other members of the editor board insisted: hey, kids, it's absolutely necessary to vote Sarkozy, even though one doesn't appreciate him politically at all, since it's necessary by all means, as Christians, to block the road to the return of the blood-red Socialist gang. While voting blank, one would indirectly let win Mrs. Royal. - This discussion led to a common line which we recommend to everyone: the politics of the worst has never been a Christian politics; therefore, don't vote by any means for the socialist candidate, even if he presents himself under monalisaic and pseudo-royal traits . - (ru)



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