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- WORLD: The 51st session of the U.N.'s Commission 'Condition of the Women', held in these days in New York at the United Nation's H.Q., claimed 'the elimination of all types of feminine discrimination that conducted to the feminine infanticide and to prenative selection according to the sex'. The Commission says that the violation of the most elementary right of little girls, the one to live, requires attention and urgent action. It is specified that this concerns the right to be born (feminine foeticide) as well as the right to life (feminine infanticide). South Korea is mentioned to be the first and only country to have started to correct its bad numbers on behalf of this issue after having launched a countrywide campaign 'Love your daughter'. - Here are our comments and our questions. While protesting against the abortion of feminine fetuses, this Commission accepts without hesitation general abortion. One can understand that easily, since it is an intangible principle of its 'mother Company', the United Nations infested by freemasonry: 'Don't touch my right to get an abortion!' - But at the same moment, the Commission embarks in an inextricable forest of contradictions:

1) If parents in India, China or elsewhere want to abort their feminine baby, they only have to declare that they simply want to abort their baby, and not to abort their little girl. And here they go without any reticence, because the right to abortion is universally sacrosanct in most pagan countries, and even elsewhere.

2) If feminine baby abortion must be proscribed, why isn't the male baby abortion the same crime? Don't we have here an inadmissible discrimination?

3) Isn't all of this pharisaism of the worst type - or simply schizophrenia? We are falling here on the most typically feminist sin: they only want femininity; all the worse for masculine life, and even human life...

From here we have a constructive and coherent proposal against those hard feminists and other assassins: let's transform the totality of the United Nations into a vast psychiatric asylum! Maybe we can save some of these VIPs by seriously taking care of them? And especially, it would save a lot of babies - not only 'feminine fetus' - from abortion. Another advantage of this measure: while emprisoning the biggest arms of freemasonry, this could make less pain to the world, including in many other domains. - (ru; cf. IPF March 13)


- AUSTRIA: The Family Minister of the Austrian government, Mrs. Andrea Kdolsky, wants to initiate a vast campaign of condom propagation, since in several European countries new AIDS infections are said to have massively emerged. She wants to distribute in schools and public places 'the only real protection against AIDS', the condom free of cost, and provide more 'enlightenments' (Aufklärung) to pupils. You can observe the typically mason language of Mrs Kdolsky, inspite of her education in a Catholic high school. She closes her eyes before the fact that the main reason of AIDS propagation is not the lack of enlightenments, nor the lack of rubber, but the frequent change of sexual partners, or in one word: sexual life outside of monogamous, faithful and lifelong marriage. The fact to make depend life and death of thousands of young people from a piece of rubber - every distributed condom increases in fact the AIDS disease in the country - is the sign of an insolent lack of responsibility. Such a ministerial mistake merits jail. It would rather be necessary to propose, with the association 'Youth for Life' in Austria, to make public campaigns recommending 'Love by fidelity', or 'Learn how to say No!'. What is missing to the young people is not tons of condoms, but strength of character. One example: Uganda. By a governmental program, supported by all Christian churches, one recommends in that country to the population chastity and marital fidelity. Result: between 1992 and 2004 the rate of AIDS infection passed from 18.3 % to 6.4 % (cf. But face to the death of thousands of youths as a consequence of AIDS, those 'Family Ministers' in Europe, instead of preaching classical and traditional virtues, prefer abjectly to play the pub managers for the industry - of rubber. - (ru; cf. StJ March 16)


- GERMANY: Let's stop here the bad news. Here's a good news. In God's eyes, the value of the nations are their saints. And there are plenty of them, everywhere. Let's take a marvelous example, in Germany: Anna Catharina Emmerich, beatified by John-Paul II in 2004. Born in 1774, this poor dressmaker, a daughter of westphalian peasants, felt called by God. But the Augustinian convent of Agnetenberg, close to her home, didn't accept her, except if she would know how to play the organ. She learned it, while helping his professor of organ and his family, who were even poorer than herself, to survive. In 1802, when she was 28 years old, the Augustinian sisters finally accepted her into their convent. There she received very quickly from God the stigmas of the Crown of Thorns. In 1811 the convent is closed by order of the king of Westphalia, Jerome Bonaparte, who imitates his brother Napoleon while suppressing the religious orders. She lives then in plain city, at Dülmen, ridiculed by her neighbors and the whole city because of her 'strange wounds'. From 1812 she only lives from the Eucharisty. Sick, she doesn't leave anymore her bed. She has numerous visions of the Old and New Testaments. The well known romantic author Clemens Brentano gets almost permanently settled near her bed, from 1818 until her death in 1824, in order to listen to her and to write her very detailed visions of Jesus' life. Anna Catharina, in spite of the sufferings which keep her in bed, always considered the service of the neighbor as the highest virtue. By her sewing works and her generous welcome, she helped the poor and the rich, the simple and the educated people. At the time of her beatification, John-Paul II marveled when looking up to her, quoting Saint Peter (1 P 2.24): "It's by Christ's wounds that we are healed". - (ru; cf. FC Feb. 3).

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