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RU 11/2007 - A Hitlerian ban always valid in Germany

- GERMANY: Hitler had banished school teaching from the family home. This ban has never been lifted in Germany, yet the school teaching of children at home is permitted in many other countries, e.g. in the United States, or in Romania. Lately the German authorities proceeded brutally to the reinforcement of this Hitlerian ban, while persecuting tens of families who tought their children at home, especially for religious reasons. In a recent case, the issue went up, in appeal, to the Highest Court which stipulated that home schooling "doesn't contravene to the right of parental education, but in case of conflict it's the law of obligatory schooling by the State that prevails". Currently the case of Melissa Busekros agitates the media: this girl of 15 years has been removed by force on February 1st, 2007, by an escadron of 15 policemen from her home near Nuremberg in Bavaria; placed first into a psychiatric clinic (result of the tests: "she has school phobia"), she lives today in a foster family whose address is being held secret to the true parents, while being forced to go to school. The only known reason until now is, that her home schooling is not pleasing to authorities, even though Melissa presents herself to the obligatory state exams. Currently her parents can see their daughter during one hour, once per week. The true reason of the fury of the State is very probably the Christian conviction of these parents, in strict continuity to the days of Hitler. There are 6 children in this family, all are schooled, except Melissa tho had, since 2 years, problems in Latin and mathematics. She was withdrawn for this reason by her parents from the school and was taught at home, while continuing to frequent the school for music and song classes. Now one threatens the Busekros family to remove from them also the other 5 children, saying that those parents are incapable to instruct their children "appropriately", as it would have become obvious in the case of Melissa. One understands the choice of the parents and of Melissa: when one hears how things are going on today in German public schools, one can only be horrified. It's the school of the New Age. Already a few years ago several tens of families at Paderborn (Westphalia) had tried to withdraw their children from the school and to teach them at home, while saying that the German public school became a pigsty. It was a Baptist family group immigrated from Russia. Instead of the Christian values which were taught in the family, the school teaches "the values of the Republic", a thing of which the parents - especially Christian ones - are evidently declared incompetent. That's the justification for the police force to remove those children from their parents, first to go to the public school, then to be educated by a foster family where the republican values are better respected. It's necessary to know that in today's German schools one exercises extensively psychological techniques, even occultism, in the literal sense of the word: since the most tender age, one asks the children to lay down on the soil, and after having switched off all lights, the children, laying one next to the other without distinction (boys and girls), are asked to touch themselves mutually "to discover the other one", without any interdiction, and "to detect the place where the next child is the most sensitive" (report of Richard Guenther, an American living in Germany, of the Jan. 21, 2005)... without speaking of sex education videos that one presents to children as young as 10, explaining them "how you came to the world". In one of these videos one explains that "the sexual act is terrific for pleasure and makes a lot of fun ". It's marvelous that there is such a kind State which takes care of this fundamental duty to tell children of 10 years that the sexual act is the "biggest fun", must say to themselves the German parents! In short, what happens there in Germany, is not an isolated fact. Nearly all countries of the world, except two - Yemen and the United States -, went eagerly to sign the Convention of the Rights of the Child of the U.N. of November 20, 1989, where it's written in article 2.2: "State athorities must take all suitable measures to assure that the child is PROTECTED AGAINST ALL FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION OR PUNISHMENT on the basis of the statute, activities, throught or expressed faith OF THE PARENTS of the child, his legal tutors or members of the family". Everything is said. Big Brother is waking. In China, under Mao, things were clearer: men were placed into one house, women into an another one, and children again into another one, and the State took care of everyone and everything. But wait a little, we shall arrive there. - If you want, you can say an extremely kind word, even in English, to the responsible German authorities under the following email addresses: (President), (Government), (Bavarian Prime Minister), christa.stewens (Minister of the Family), (Ministry of Internal Matters), (Chief of the CSU/CDU in Bavaria). - (ru)

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