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RU 08/2007 - FRANCE, 2 news

- FRANCE: Our work group COSTA (UNEC), dedicated since 11 years to the scientific survey as well as the religious promotion of the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil, 10 km from Paris - a Relic of O.L. Jesus Christ soaked of his Saint Blood which he versed during the Passion, but too much forgotten today - announced for the Lent 2007 the following events:

+ February 28th, at 8 PM: Conference on the Holy Tunic at the church St Nicolas de Chardonnet, 23 rue des Bernardins, Paris 5 (in the Latin Quarter, at 5 minutes walk from Notre Dame cathedral), by D. Huguet and W.Wuermeling, with diaporama. Free entrance.

+ March 2nd, at 11 AM: COSTA press conference on "The Holy Tunic face to Science", for journalists only, with professor Gerard Lucotte who will speak about his last researches on the Blood, DNA, pollen and his own new C14 test, at the Centre Charlier, 70 bd St Germain des Pres, Paris 5th.

+ March 25th, at 3 PM (1st Sunday of the Passion): Pilgrimage to the Holy Tunic at Argenteuil, departure of the procession from the Parking lot near the Municipal Hall J. Vilars, on the banks of the Seine river next to the main bridge of Argenteuil, procession by the city center, while passing at 3.30 PM in front of the RER station (line C), path of yjr Cross and devotions before the Holy Tunic in the Basilica St-Denys of Argenteuil at 4 PM. End 5 PM. All are welcome.

+ March 28th, 6 PM: Serge de Beketch will interview Mrs. Claire van Oosterwijck on Radio Courtoisy (FM and Internet), about the false tests by C14 on the Shroud of Turin and the Tunic of Argenteuil.

+ March 29th, 7.30 PM: Dinner-debate of RADIO-SILENCE (on Internet: in the restaurant LE GRENADIER (1st floor of the Austerlitz railway station in Paris, above the base restaurant of the station) with professor Gerard Lucotte talking about his last researches on Blood, DNA, pollen and C14 of the Argenteuil Tunic. You can reserve a seat while sending a check of 25 Euro to LVdS, 5 rue Dufrenoy, 75116 Paris.


- FRANCE (again): The all new society of pontifical right "Institute of the Good Pastor", Bordeaux, announces its first ordinations. On February 15th a seminarian received the minor orders given by Mgr Haas of Liechtenstein. And on March 3rd will take place the ordinations of 2 deacons and 2 priests at the seminary of the Institute at Courtalain close to Chartres, by Mgr Luigi of Magistris. The time of glory is far behind when cardinal Hoyos, misleading his new allies trimmed from the Catholic Tradition, had announced that he would proceed personally "in the very near future" to the first ordinations of the Institute. Today this Institute must be happy with much less, on the one hand being assisted by a forgotten archbishop of Nova, a small city lost deeply down in Italy, in truth a pensioner aged 81, and on the other hand being assisted by a bishop which had been chased from Chur in Switzerland by his colleagues to find refuge in the smallest state of Europe, Liechtenstein. After hardly 6 months since its foundation, things became already clear: the Institute, far away from becoming the beacon of a traditional renewal in the Church, is treated like a sick of pestilence by the Church authorities, which fact promises it definitely a place in the shade, with access by the backstairs. This is a result which has been perfectly foreseeable since their abandonment of the well reflected request of good +Mgr Marcel Lefebvre during his famous talks with cardinal Ratzinger in 1988: "Give us bishops, not only one, but at least four, to save the Tradition in the Church!" The Institute of the Good Pastor wanted to do better, while accepting to row ahead WITHOUT own bishops. The result is now evident. But hundred thousands of Catholics, thanks to God, remain indefectibly faithful to the Priests Society Saint Pius X founded by +Mgr Lefebvre, without which all those Institutes would be crushed like butts of cigarettes under the boots of modern bishops, and all the Catholic Tradition along with them. - (ru)


- Negative meter: 675th day of the inbelievable maintenance of the excommunication of the bishops of the (larger portion of) Catholic Tradition under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.


- Positive meter: 223 babies saved from abortion by the association SOS MOTHERS.



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