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- AMERICA: Christmas passed by. But did anyone report about the ignominy which happened this year on Christmas in the U.S. and Canada? In 38 U.S. cities - and in certain cities on several places at the same time like in Chicago where 32 figures of baby Jesus were nabbed - some public nativity scenes were vandalized, while defiling the baby Jesus by a pair of devil horns (at Plaistow/NH), while stealing all the manger (at Southborough/MA), while smashing the head of the baby Jesus (at Sioux Falls/SD), while burning its face and dousing the statue with nail polish, by twisting the electric cord around its neck (at Des Moines/IA). Pure hate! In Canada, the same thing: vandals attacked the large mangers of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa: stealing of the baby Jesus, destruction of lights and wiring, cutting off of the legs of the Magi, the statue of St Joseph mutilated and found toppled on the lawn, several Magis and angels stolen... In France, nothing of all that: the revolutionary hate of God made disappear the public mangers since very long time. Yes, the Americans have manger vandals, but are we really better in France? - (ru; cf. LSN Dec. 20+21, 06)


- HOLLAND: The Dutch minister of Justice, Piet Hey Donner, opened the box of Pandora in his country. It was dangerous to uncover this problem, but he did so. And everything exploded. What was the subject? In a recent book, he stated that, if within some years a majority of deputies with the parliament will be Islamic - and the curbs of immigration nearly indicate the precise year when this will be the case -, it's highly probable that the necessary 2/3 majority of the parliament will vote in favour of the introduction of the Shariah to Holland, as it happened in many other regions of the world, for example recently in the northern States of Nigeria (134 millions of inhabitants). And Holland, fiercely devoted to democracy, will well be obliged to execute itself, by the very mechanics of its legal structure. This is the heavy stone which Mr Donner threw into the garden of the Dutch democrats. And all Holland stood up to protest, but no one could advance a valid argument that would invalidate the thesis of Donner, who by the way is not an insignificant figure: he is one of the main ministers of the party at power, the CDA (Christian Democratic Center). But, miracle, suddenly the democratic machine went into reverse: Njet! exclaimed the parliament's party boss of the same CDA, Maxim Verhagen. This 150 percent democrat commented, that those who would want to introduce the Islamic law into the Netherlands, though elected democratically, must be deprived of their constitutional rights. He said this in open contradiction to the Minister of Justice of his own party. One sees that the issue raises passions. In reality, Mr Donner shed the limelight on the absurdity of total - and totalitarian - democracy. It's the ancient fight between the positive law, invented by those who consider themselves as intelligent, and the natural law written down into the human heart. It's true, the democracy has limits, like the liberty. Everybody knows today that individual liberty finishes there where the liberty of others starts (but this is not applied to abortion where one disregards sovereignly - and criminally - the basic rights of the human being before birth!). In the same way, the democracy finishes where begins the territory of the natural law. That law, the most sacred one of all, the governors and deputies don't like it, because it would confine their liberty of decision to its correct - and relative - spot. And in order to find a way out of this dilemna, they invent some illusory assumptions, such as "No to the Islamic law in Holland!" On which basis? On the sand of ideas which come and go? No! It's necessary that people come back to what is deposited in the deepest corner of the human heart: the divine law written down by God's own living Hand. The conscience of everyone is the witness of it. As long as that return is not operated, in Holland as well as in France, and in the European Union, our beautiful democracies are vowed to failure and will collapse like another tower of Babel. - In France, things are maybe even more advanced than in Holland. According to a recent poll of the CSA, 51 % of the French yet declare to be Catholic (against 80 % in 1990, and 69 % in 2000), and, out of these "Catholics" only 8 % go to Mass "at least once per week". What makes 4 % of real Catholics in the French population, i.e. 2.4 millions of French. No one knows the number of practicing Moslems in France, since one doesn't even know their number, by reason of the clandestineness of millions among them. It perfectly can be true that, already today, there are more practicing Moslems in France than practicing Catholics. From there to imagine the increasing number, or even majority, of their deputies at the National Assembly, there is only a step. Ninive, Ninive...! - (ru; cf. BI Feb. 2007).


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