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RU 05/2007 - WORLD, Pessimism of Ecologists

- WORLD: The worst prophets of calamities are today the Ecologists. To hear their Jeremiads, the sky will soon collapse over us. Look, their last thing is the global warming. On Saturday Feb. 3rd, on France-Info, you could hear about this: 'It's now scientifically sure that, by the year 2100, following the climatic heating up, the level of the ocean waters will increase by 20 to 50 cm, according to the cases to occur". And to continue: the mistake would be the man, our pollution, our breathing, our garbages, in one word: WE OURSELVES. The bottom message: one should make disappear man, and everything will be fine (for whom, by the way?). France-Info didn't say by one word that there are other scientists who say quite something else: that the climatic warming up, as proven by history, occurs cyclically every 1000 or 1500 years, alternating with cooler periods as currently. God created day and night, winter and summer, cooler times and hotter times. It's always this marvelous Creator who loves the life, the difference, the nuances, the innumerable varieties of fishes for example... And He wishes that we love life as He does, and the differences, the nuances, the infinite varieties. But man often does the exact opposite: he likes the death, the uniformity, the entanglement of rules and instructions, to the detriment of the joy to be different and to have one's own absolutely unique identity, gift of God. What do those 'other scientifics' say exactly about the climatic warming up? That people cultivated wine in Great Brittany in the 1st century, and that you could find vine culture there up to the 11st century; that the Vikings called Greenland that way, because a thousand years ago it was a paradise of fruits and vegetables, even though today it's a desert of ice and glaciers. The climatic changes are a natural phenomenon, don't listen to those heralds of misfortune who are so well characterized by Jean-Marie Le Pen saying: they are "like watermelons, green outside and red inside", knowing that the red is the colour of the criminal and totalitarian blood. - In the same way they complain about the conditions of life of men which are said to deteriorate dangerously. In England, in the Middle Ages, life expectancy was of 22 years, and a man who arrived to 30 years, considered himself as happy. Towards the year 1800 it was already 36 years, and in 1950 it was 69, today 78 years! They pretend that the quality of life decreased? But in those times 20 percent of children died in very low age, today this percentage is close to zero (if you make abstraction of abortion). We have the grace - and it's necessary to be thankful for that - to live today better than any civilization at any time! Everyone can observe that the populations of the poorest countries increased a lot, and since 1960 the consumption of food increased by 38 % per person. But no one kneels down to thank for these gifts the One who likes men, who lets rise the sun on the good and the bad ones, who doesn't abandon our poor mankind. On the contrary, even some of the most religious ones complain to Heaven: "What are You doing? Where are You?" Of course, there is the terrifying hidden and abject face of this 'developed' world: the abortion of babies, the utilization of human embryos for medical and cosmetic research, the adoption of children by gay couples who are postulating an ephemeral 'right to have a child'. No one has a right on a child. Every child is God's gift. To remove their life, is an irreligious act of repudiation of God, an extreme act, the one of Lucifer: "I'm God, I judge what's good and bad, I rule on Life and Death "! This enormous aberration can lead to the auto-extermination of the human species. But let's be sure: God and the Saints are yet there, even in the middle of us, the Blessed Virgin protects those who take refuge under her large coat. Grace is abundantly present, it's sufficient to take it up, not for resisting against imaginary ecological catastrophies, but to fight against the true ills, 'those coming out of the human heart', and to make triumph the grace. - (ru; cf. LSN Jan. 2, 2007)

- Negative meter: 662nd day of the maintenance of the excommunication of the bishops of (the larger portion of) Catholic Tradition under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

- Positive meter: This week SOS MOTHERS saved a 220nd baby from abortion.

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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