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RU 03/2007 - FRANCE pro-life

- FRANCE: A great pro-life weekend just took place, not only in France, but elsewhere also, precisely 30 years after the starting of killing of defenceless babies before birth by the 'abortion law Giscard-Chirac-Veil', as Jean-Marie Le Pen says calls it very precisely. It's one of the causes of about one billion of baby cadavers to deplore in the world, according to the official number given by the U.N., of which at least 7 million babies in France since 30 years by what they call I.V.G. (voluntarious interruption of pregnancy), and now it's necessary to stop this genocide of a dimension never seen before in the history of mankind. On the front and on the knees, thanks to God: the Christians! The march for life in Paris, Sunday January 21st, gathered 15,000 participants according to the organizing committee "Thirty years that's enough!", and 3,000 according to the police. In San Francisco, this Monday January 22nd, they were 8,000 (facing 1000 counter-demonstrators!), and in Washington they were, this same Monday, more than 100,000 marchers. In Lisboa, Portugal, one also expects considerable numbers of pro-life marchers for next Sunday January 28th. In deed, t's necessary to recall to all authorities and media, especially by those mass parades, that LIFE must be our major preoccupation. Without it, there is no daily life, no nation, neither Europe nor America, no future! In the U.S., the authorities understood the message already, and the president's election results henceforth from his option for abortion ('pro-choice') or against abortion ('pro-life'). In Europe the authorities are late, but things are going to accelerate considering the monstrous problems which are surfacing and starting to mark the life of everyone: demographic decline, massive immigration, Islamisation of Europe, deficit of retirement funds, bankruptcies of enterprises... While they paraded in Paris against abortion, Jean-Marie Le Pen, on a mass dinner of 2000 guests on the family issue, hammered in the immense room of the Dock Eiffel, at Plaine Saint Denis, 5 km away from the Paris march: "The destruction of the traditional family results first in a weakening of the social morals, since the fundamental values which structure the society, are no more or not enough transmitted to the young people... It's necessary to recall it constantly: the family is the basic cell of our society. It's the pedestal of the identity of our nation, and its future. It's the privileged place of education of our children and of the transmission of the material and cultural heritage as well as of the moral values." More explicitely about abortion: "As to the welcome of life, we observe that the legislation which has been set up since the abortion law Giscard-Chirac-Veil, doesn't answer to the objectives which initially had been fixed by the legislator: to protect life and to answer to the distress of women having recourse to abortion. I want to start a really new basic policy, a preventive policy, a politics of incitation: the prenatal adoption, the creation of a parental income, the definition of a legal and social statute for the mother of the family and the revalorization of social aids reserved to our national French families, all this will constitute the concrete means to reduce the number of abortions and increase our nation's birthrate." Besides, he promised a referendum during his quinquennial presidency in order to anchor "the sacred character of life" into the French constitution, in opposition to abortion. More particularly, Le Pen will propose the creation of a "parental income for the mother or the father" who take care of their children, together with the right to social protection, retirement and professional formation, and the institution of a "national loan for lodging". He said that he is in favour of a "prenatal adoption possibility" for women who don't wish to keep their baby. - Jean-Marie's daughter Marine Le Pen, vice-president of the party, who is unfortunately sometimes calumniated to be pro-abortion, declared on her side to the press (La Gazette, Nov. 30, 2006) that abortion "remains a catastrophic experience on the collective and individual level. Scientifically it has been proven that the embryo is a living human being. Life must be protected. The country lacks births and in the National Front we are partisans of a politics for the welcome of life." Thus, things are clear. The F.N. party of Jean-Marie Le Pen is in France the only major political group (i.e. collecting more than 10 pourcent of the ballots of the nation) that programs a politics which is outright pro-life, on the path towards the complete abolition of the abortion-murder, face to a political class which is hateful to the newborn life, which is cheating the people while assuring that they are "against the death penalty". The switches are put into the good position, the road towards life is free, the nation will choose in May 2007 its president: will this mean, for soon, the end of the genocide? - (ru; cf. LSB Jan. 22; FDA Jan. 2007)


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