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- FRANCE: On December 28th, the press announced victoriously that the application decree of the fatal 'bioethical law'' of August 2006 which allows 'medicine babies', has been signed. What is a medicine-baby? According to the French governmental agency of biomedicine, a medicine-baby proceeds from a 'pre-implantation diagnosis' (PID) on embryo cells "in order to permit the conception of a child which doesn't have the sought-after genetic illness, being therefore able to come to help in a decisive way to his sick elder brother or sister". This means, above all, as annotates the Bulletin of Andre Noel of Jan. 1st, 2007, "that the genetically incorrect embryos will be destroyed in order to preserve only the 'healthy' ones; it is plain eugenics at the source, which would not have hesitated to exercise the scientists recruited by Hitler". This Faustian laboratory of wizard apprentices will sort out, on one hand the genetically incorrect embryos which will be killed, and on the other hand one embryo which is considered healthy, in order to implant it into a surrogate mother for developing it and giving birth to it. This baby will serve as a medicine to his elder brother or sister. The day will come when this healthy new baby will be killed on its turn, once it has fulfilled its medical function, because this was its reason to be conceived and to be born. One human cadaver more or less in those infernal kitchens which became our medical research laboratories, no importance! If you don't believe in hell, please know that it's surrounding you. We are in hell, so to say. You think that they will never kill born babies? Hey, we are there already in Europe. Read the following story. - ru (cf. BAN 1.1.07)

- ENGLAND: The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends to the members of the parliament to decriminalize the euthanasia of newborn trisomic or heavily handicapped babies. "Where is the difference", ask with a lot of logic certain physicians (in particular the 'Bioethical Council of Nuffield'), "between abortion, some minutes before the childbirth, and the euthanasia of the baby a few minutes after the birth?" This implacable logic will come to its end. Once they have admitted abortion, all doors are broken open, the dam is pierced, the command "You won't kill" is invalidated, the avalanche is released. Naturally these assassins embellish their sinister intentions by beautiful feelings: "It's not real killing of these children, we are simply going to let them die, rather than to provide them the suitable medical assistance". In addition, in order to minimize the facts, they only speak of babies "born after maximum 22 weeks of pregnancy", knowing that this breach into the forbidden area will implacably lead to the liberalization of the murder for ALL babies born with a handicap, or even later on for all disabled humans, young and... adult. They have the cheek to ask the legislator to specify that the physicians will have this right even against the wish of its parents. This will simply be the end of the existence of disabled babies, by passive and even active euthanasia, of children who require most attention and love. One believes to dream while reading that they even pretend complacently, that this liberalization would be a way to less abortions, because the woman would be able, in case of trisomy diagnosed on her baby, to provoke a miscarriage, which they say is less dangerous than an abortion, and to let her baby die 'naturally' outside, 'without problem'. And the good pseudo-human feelings crown the whole argumentation: this liberalization would remove "a considerable financial, social and emotional load from the parents". Oh, thank you, false apostles! We would want to shout to them: go to hell ! Our UNEC group already initiated, some 11 years ago, a rescue action SOS MOTHERS; should it become necessary to found also one day a rescue group 'SOS MURDERING PHYSICIANS'? There is much bread on the table of Christians and others Good Samaritans... - ru (cf. LNEditor, nov. 15, 2006; SOSM Nov. 20, 06)

- FRANCE: An interesting book has just been published by ed. F. -X. of Guibert, Paris: "The Holy Tunic of Argenteuil Face to Science" (in French, price in bookstore: 22 Euro). It's the proceedings of the symposium which was organized by COSTA (UNEC) at Argenteuil near Paris on Nov. 12th, 2005. You will find there passionate texts about the 'scientific' tests by Carbone 14 operated recently on the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil, but also on the Shroud of Turin (by Mrs. Claire van Oosterwijck), or about the Blood found on the Holy Tunic (by professor Gerard Lucotte), or even about the Saint Tunic of Christ preserved in Georgia (by Princess Murat), as well as several other texts, all as interesting. - Please note that a procession to the Holy Tunic will be organized this year, for the 2nd time, on the 1st Sunday of the Passion, i.e. on March 25th, 2007: departure of the procession at 3 PM on the Parking lot of the congress house of Argenteuil, next to the main bridge of Argenteuil, then at 4 PM Path of the Cross inside the Basilica St Dennis of Argenteuil, as well as devotions in front of the Holy Tunic which is preserved there in a lately renovated side chapel (daily accessible from 4 PM to 5 PM). - ru

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