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RU 52/2006 - OVERALL BALANCE OF 2006

WE WISH YOU A GOOD NEW YEAR ! Like each year, here is the negative and positive balance of 2006, according to the weekly dispatches of our RU press service (e.g. RU 12 = 12th week = end of March 2006).

NEGATIVE BALANCE ITEMS: The pope received representatives of the Jews of Rome, while calling them "very dear and preferred brothers". But Saint Pierre to the Jews of Jerusalem: "Men of Israel..., you asked for a murderer's grace, while you made die the Prince of life... Convert yourself so that your sins be erased !" (RU 02) - The Vatican launches a stern and miserable critique to Radio-Maria in Poland, a very Catholic and conservative radio and tv station (RU 03) - 23 Catholic martyrs are known in 2005 (RU 03) - The "Catholic" press group Bayard in France slides down the hill while getting engaged in feminism without limits (RU 04) - Six churches, chapels and sacred places ravaged by Satanists in French Brittany (RU 06) - Children born out of marriage in Russia: 33 %, and in France: 40 %! (RU 06) - The Orthodox patriarch Bartholomeus I may be expelled from Constantinople ("Istanbul") towards Greece (RU 07) - Already 10 million feminine babies detected by echographic scanner and then aborted in India (RU 08) - A Catholic bishop in Iraq vilifies himself by helping to the reconstruction of the golden mosque of Samara destroyed by a terrorist attack (RU 10) - Since its entrance into Europe, everything goes badly for the population in Lithuania (RU 10) - Germany commits suicide by abortion: 1,360,000 births in 1964, today only 685,000 births (RU 12) - Phenomenal savageries of "youths" in France: animalized mobs send 47 policemen to hospital (RU 12) - The Spain of Zapatero abolishes the terms father and mother in the legislation, because of the gays (RU 14) - The Lutheran church of Sweden prostitutes herself while sacramentalizing the marriage between gays (RU 15) - In London will be constructed, with the financial help of the E.U., the biggest mosque of all times, with 70,000 places, in pretending the necessities of the Olympics Games of 2012 (RU 15) - A guideline of the E.U. forbids the construction of traditional organs with lead pipes as used in churches (RU 16) - The islamic authorities of Nigeria, in obedience to the "charia", forbid the common transport of women and men, even in private cars (RU 18) - Every day that passes, with Mgr Lefebvre "excommunicated", is one day too much (RU 18) - Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, has very questionable friends (RU 21) - Amnesty International dropped the mask: it's only a gang of abortionists (RU 23) - Germany achieves a new "Arbeit macht frei": mega-whorehouses for the World Cup of Soccer (RU 25) - France's schools became pigsties: 30 % of schoolgirls take the pill of the next day (RU 27) - Turks despise the Christians and... kill them (RU 32) - A young soldier called Reza is persecuted and expelled from Iran because he is a Christian (RU 33) - The Holy Father recommends ethics rather than the Gospel as first remedy to the sick world (RU 34) - "The Gospel of Judas", concocted by Gnostics of the 2nd century, comes lamentably back to the surface (RU 35) - The BBC of London organized in the world the Moslem revolt against the pope's speech of Ratisbonne (RU 38) - Mega-projects of mosques in London, Munich, Strasburg, Duisburg..., always with the financial subsidies of the E.U. (RU 38) - Benedict XVI continues to venerate brother Schutz (of Taize) "who visits us from above", as at the time when, yet cardinal, he gave him the Holy Communion before the cameras (RU 39) - The U.N. becomes dangerously blind: it wants to protect from violence "all human beings under 18 years" - and forgets 1 billion of aborted babies (RU 41) - Portugal will undergo another referendum on abortion, imposed by the Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates (RU 42) - In Turkey a novel is sold, subtitled: "Who will kill the pope in Istanbul"? (RU 43) - Benedict XVI comes back on his speech of Regensburg and declares his "respect before the Coran" (RU 44) - The Telethon campaign in France hammers by tv and radio on the Frenchmen in favor of destructive medical research of embryos; but one doesn't help patients by suppressing them! (RU 44) - Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz preaches that missionary activity towards Jews is not only superfluous, but peacocky (RU 46) - The diocese of Linz/Austria distributes a CD to thousands of youngsters preaching sexual immorality (RU 47) - A German priest is stabbed by a Turk at Kassel/FRG (RU 47) - Monster rackets organized in the metro of Paris by young immigrants (RU 47) - The pope prays, like a new John-Paul III, next to an imam in the Blue Mosque of Istanbul, with bare feet like a vulgar Moslem (RU 48 + RU 49) - Romania, entering the E.U., forbids crosses and icons in its schools (RU 48).

POSITIVE BALANCE ITEMS: Le courageous Mgr Andreas Laun of Salzburg warns the Austrians that, with always growing abortion, the cathedral Saint Steve in Vienna could very well become a mosque: "this can happen earlier than one may think !" (RU 02) - The oldest Catholic priests in the world (108 years): R.Fr. Nicolas in the Trappist abbaye at Lantao/Hongkong, and the German priest Konrad Fuchs in the monastery of Hegne near the lake of Constance (RU 03) Two pro-life judges join the Supreme Court of the United States, making presage a future abolishment of abortion in America (RU 04) - UNEC organises in February in the cityhall of Herstal, near Maestricht, a symposium "12 centuries of Christian Europe", a wonderful example of Christian French-Belgian cooperation (RU 04 and 08) - Please buy, during this time of crisis after the anti-Islamic caricatures, Salamis and Rollmops made in Danmark ! (RU 05) - At Dubai, in the Arab Emirates, the first Christian church, called Saint Mary (orthodox), is constructed with the gratuitous supply of the compound by the Gouvernment (RU 06) - Salzburg and all of Austria celebrates MOZART, a Catholic free-mason if this is possible (RU 07) - Le Turkish government annonces the reconstruction of the ancient monastery on the rocks of Sumela (4th century), near Trabzond, which is abandoned since it's shutdown in 1923, and announces the return of the monks (RU 08) - The parishoners of Rocheserviere, in the French Chouan region, find the courage to go against their parish priest who wants to destroy the ancient main altar of their church: "If this continues, we shall take out again the hayforks, like in 93!" (RU 10) - The governor of South-Dakota/USA signed a law forbidding totally abortion, even in cases of incest or rape (RU 11) - Thanks to the resistance of 3 Catholic ministers, the Slovakian government breaks up after the imposition of the "right of abortion" by the E.U. (RU 11) - Massive boycott of north-American Catholics against FORD MOTORS which is favouring the gays (RU 13) - The Priest's Society Saint Pius X of Mgr Lefebvre and the Vatican announce in public their common will to arrive to "a more perfect communion", which implies that there is communion and that there is no schism, nor heresy nor effective excommunication (RU 14) - Benedict XVI recommended, already 31 years ago, to receive the Holy Communion on the tongue (RU 14) - Extraordinary expansion of Orthodoxy in Russia (RU 15) - In France, the association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) rescues babies from abortion by going towards women and young girls right in the street (RU 17) - The Vatican makes order between the cardinals who have diverging opinions about the utilization of condoms (RU 18) - Cardinal ZEN of Hongkong recommends the rupture of all links between the Vatican and Red China which continues to install "Catholic" bishops who are obedient to the regime (RU 18) - Appeal to the Vatican to stop all contacts with the big abortioner E.U., responsible of millions of assassinated babies (RU 18) - A Lutheran pastor from Sweden decides in public to join the Catholic Church "in order to save my soul" (RU 19 and RU 28/29) - Catholics at the forefront of technique: Radio-Silence is emitting, already since 6 years, by "Podcasting" on Internet (RU 20) - Benedict XVI closes the "Pontifical Council for Inter-religious dialogue", bringing back Islam to its correct level: the one of culture and not the one of a religion (RU 22) - An "Institute of catechesis of Muslim" has been opened in Vienna/Austria, with the benediction of Benedict XVI (RU 22) - The tiny Latvia has declared war on gays, defying the E.U. (RU 24) - The pope prays on his knees in the camp of Auschwitz, a thing which was prohibited since the chasing away of the Carmelite nuns from this place by John-Paul II, in 1993, but he did not find the courage to launch a worldwide Catholic total resistance against the present genocide, the one of the babies (RU 26) - Alexij II of Russia declares: "If you consider impartially all the achievements of which Europe is proud today, one will find out that they all are founded on the Christian religion" (RU 27) - As the only major political movement in France, the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen maintains in its official program, against winds and marine waves, this lapidary project: "As it goes against the common Good of our country, the abortion laws will be abolished"; the same thing against the PCS, i.e. the civil unions against nature (RU 27) - The oecumenism without concessions of Mgr Tissier de Mallerais (Priests Society Pius X): "In the Lutheran Church, the 'ironning table' has replaced the altar of the Sacrifice of O. L. Jesus Christ" (RU 30/31) - UNEC made in August its "Pilgrimage to Catholic Norway", celebrating the ancient Holy Mass in several old Lutheran churches, including the cathedral of Trondheima where the Lutheran archpriest thanked them by the following words: "Thank you for having brought back to us Jesus Christ !" (RU 32) - Benedict XVI creates the Institute of the Good Pastor, consisting of 5 ancient priests of the Priests Society of Mgr Lefebvre, but he forgets to cancel the "excommunication" of +Mgr Lefebvre (RU 36 + RU 40) - Le pope accuses, indirectly, the fundamental link between Islam and violence in his speech at Regensburg (RU 37) - In the FIGARO newspaper, a professor accuses the Coran to be "a book of incredible violence" (RU 39) - Mgr Mercieca of Malta appreciates "the noble function of the mother at home", harvesting the anger of the feminists and their lackeys (RU 41) - Benedict XVI pilgrims to Manopello in order to venerate the "Volto Santo" (RU 42) - 17 % of all Catholic priests and seminarians in Germany order a DVD about the way how to celebrate the ancient rite of the Holy Mass, edited by the Priests Society of Mgr Lefebvre: a true thunderclap in the modernist world of the "Church which is in Germany" (RU 43) - Courageous program of UNEC for 2007 (RU 45) - The association SOS FOR THE SMALLEST ONES of Dr Xavier Dor, organizing imperturbably rosary prayers in front of abortion mills, is celebrating its 20th anniversary (RU 46) - During man is destroying himself, God continues, day after day, the incredible marvel of the nature (RU 47) - Cardinal Meisner of Cologne forbids to Catholic pupils to assist in inter-religious ceremonies with Muslim or Jews (RU 50) - St Ignatius teaches us, also today, how to pray (RU 50) - A wonderful film about the abbaye Grande Chartreuse started in France: "The great Silence" (RU 51) -

So, the overall balance of 2006 ? One year more in the History of Salvation which God accords to us: Deo gratias! And if its true that nobody lies when he dies, let's quote the words which the one who, with great courage, some seconds only before his hanging, Sadam Hussein, himself 100 times less guilty as to human killings than his hangmen Bush and Blair and their Iraqian puppets, had the courage to proclaim: "The good ones will go to heaven, and the bad ones to hell". Subsidiary and "incorrect" question: the blood stains on the face of the executed Sadam Hussein, are they not rather the proof of Coranic throatslitting which could have occurred during the stop of the cameras? God only knows. - (ru) - Overall negative counter: 634th day of maintain of the 'excommunication' of the bishops of (the major part of the) Catholic Tradition under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

- Overall positive counter: 315 babies directly rescued from abortion by SOS MOTHERS.

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -

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