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- AUSTRIA: In the Catholic diocese of Linz, nothing works any more. Here are the facts: In October 2006, the secretariat of the diocese had mailed a free CD with the title "Raum für mein Leben" (space for my life) - but paid by the Catholics via their yearly donation to the clergy - to some 15,000 young people aged 19, containing 12 small videos and some short texts about various modern themes. Up to this point, no problem. But while studying the content closely, one perceives that there is a deeply non-Catholic way of thinking inside. Concerning the faith: "Each of us must be able to believe in something... Spirits of the nature or extraterrestrials... Each one looks for it in his own way...". Concerning the Sunday: "it's a free day spent together", no indication of any religious service. Concerning sexuality: nothing about the deep sense of the act of love; on the other hand it's necessary that it gives much pleasure and therefore it's important not to go to bed "without protection"; "inform yourself about everything available on this topic: pill, condom, diaphragm...". Family: "There is a lot of disinformation on homosexuality...". And on the link page for Internet, one finds: "First Love Ambulanz im AKH Linz" (pro-abortion Webside), "HOSI Linz" (lobby of homosexuals), and other sites even worse, prices for abortion services in Austria etc.... - The bishop of Linz, Mgr Dr Ludwig Schwarz, contacted by some shocked Catholics, trembled of fear while declaring on October 31st: "This CD has been made in the bishop's name, but without getting me informed", and he spoke timidly of a "necessary revision" of the CD. This happened without counting upon some hundreds of Catholics yet standing upright in his diocese, laymen as well as priests. They decided between themselves to create an association of boycott of the yearly donation to the clergy, with a fiduciary account under control of a lawyer, where all members of the association will henceforth send their donations for the Church, instead of handing them over to the diocese. This decision was accompanied by a clear message to the bishop: "We shall maintain this fiduciary account until a) the errors of this CD are corrected in public by the bishop, b) the persons responsible of this CD are dismissed from their service in the Church, c) and that they are replaced by people who are faithful to the pope, the magisterium, and the bishop". What is bothersome for the bishop, is that his own vicar general, Mgr Willi Viehböck, supports this CD and doesn't see any problem there... - Boycott? An example possibly to be followed elsewhere in our times of apostasy making devastations until into our episcopal palaces. You can tell to Mgr Schwarz, ancient auxiliary bishop of Vienna from 2001 to 2005, what you feel in your Catholic heart about this topic, by email to "" - (ru; cf. KTI Nov. 20)


- GERMANY: On Sept. 11th at 2.30 PM, a catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Aloys Weber, 70, has been stabbed at Kassel by a Turkish immigrant who imagined "Satan in the priest's house". Muhterem Gokhan, 28, drug addicted, had knocked at the door of the parish St Kunigundis, and when the Father opened, he gave him 3 strokes of knife of which one touched the tip of the Father's heart. He has been operated and, thanks to God, didn't succumb to his injuries. He entered into a long phase of recovery. The ecclesiastical authorities immediately tried to minimize this fact while pretending to doubt about the mental health of the Turk. "It's above all necessary that this crime throw no trouble between Moslem and Christians in our city". The Turk has been stopped and... surrounded by a psychological team. No one dared to mention the open violence preached on almost all pages of the Koran. And not only that: nobody reported about this crime, except for one single newspaper! - (ru; cf. OD Sept. 11)


- FRANCE: In France also things are consciously hidden, and massively. Here is a fact that only the daily LE PARISIEN of Saturday Nov. 4th, in its early edition and only in the Paris edition, dared to reveal. For the rest of the press, this fact was completely blacked out. On Tuesday Oct. 31st at 9 PM, 400 "youngsters" leave a hall near the "Porte d'Aubervilliers" in Paris where they had attended a Halloween spectacle with the nice title "Terrific Infernal Afternoon". Some hundred of them engulfed themselves into the subway station of the metro lines 4 and 12. A racket in pure style took place in two times on the passengers, between the stations Marcadet-Poissonniers and Chateau-Rouge. Everything was wellcome: cell telephones, identity papers, Navigo pass, numeric walkmen, even jackets and coats... Taken by panic, travelers escaped in a rush and and surged from the subway to the street. Finally the police succeeded to stop the infernal train and to evacuate entirely the Chateau-Rouge station, while checking everyone's cloths and bags, in order to avoid that this nightmare train continue its path. Eventually 8 "youngsters" have been arrested, out of hundred of them... Probable order from minister Sarkozy: "Hush! No talk about that!" Why? Because, as a consequence of the immigration-invasion, we already live in a vast psychiatric clinic. If you mention in the press a massive attack perpetrated by "youngsters", tomorrow a thousand cars might be in flames... Poor France which, by cowardice, doesn't defend anymore its families, culture, religion, and even borders...! - (ru; cf. LP Nov. 4)


- UNIVERSE: To finish, let's not remain on these pitiable mischiefs of men. Let's raise our eyes towards God's marvels. Complexity, ingenuity, efficiency can be found inevitably and at the highest degrees in all living organisms. Look at the wings of the insects, with their veins disposed according to the intended flight type, with true liquid counterweights, and with tiny weldings of the borders between multiple wings. Look again at the optic, gravimetric or electromagnetic sensors that permit orientation and stability of the flight. Admire the eye of the shark, equipped with a light amplifier like the one of the cat, or again the vocal recognition that allows the penguin to recover his female and his little ones in the middle of a colony of thousands of individuals. Only insane people can consider these marvels as the product of accidents of the nature, or - as they say in order to look intelligent - "of evolution". - (ru; cf. Pr. Pierre Rabischong, in Le Cep, Oct. 2006).



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