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- GERMANY: After cardinal Lustiger for France, it's cardinal Lehmann in Germany who preached no more to convert Jews. This time, it's not an isolated cardinal, even if it was the archbishop of Paris, but the president of the conference of the bishops of Germany who said this. According to him, there should not be "in the Church any mission activities towards the Jews", and Catholic intentions of conversion or mission of Jews would not only be superfluous, but proud (or even "a sin", as is preaching cardinal Lustiger since 1985 in France), because "the people of Israel has a valid reading of the Bible", and because God would have chosen for them "a special path". The cardinal made these statements for the 40th anniversary of the conciliar document "Nostra Aetate", that would have recommended "a double exit from the Old Testament: the Christians can and must admit that the Jewish reading of the Bible represents a valid reading resulting organically from the Jewish Holy Scripture in the days of the Second Temple, analogically to the Christian concept that developed in a parallel way. The two readings remain faithful to their own convictions of faith, of which they are the fruit and the expression. So one is not reconductible to the other one". - Jesus said : "Go towards the lost sheep of the house of Israel!", and : "I am the Path, the Truth and the Life; nobody arrives to the Father if it is not through Me". These holy words of Our Savior's would be useless? Hey, dear cardinals, at VESTRA AETATE it's time for you to learn again your catechism ! - (ru; cf. IK 11/06)


- FRANCE: S.O.S. THE SMALLEST ONES: a funny birthday! Founded in 1986 by Dr. Xavier Dor, this S.O.S. association has only one goal: to fight the silence about abortion while praying publicly. Its secretary general, Dr. Luc Perrel, declared on this behalf to our agency: "We began precisely 20 years ago while reciting calmly the rosary right in the abortion mills, but without ever using chains or violence, while remaining in the waiting rooms and passageways of the clinics and hospitals, after having displayed a big banner on top of the entrance of the establishment: ŠHERE THEY KILL ! ‹ We made tens of interventions of this kind in Paris and in the provinces. The answer of the Establishment was the voting of a special law which only aimed at us, the law Neiertz in 1993, in order to punish us by fines and jail. At the same time they defamed and diabolised us, presenting us as crazy people: Šthe abortion crusaders‹ And these suits culminated in 1997 with the incarceration of Dr. Dor during 11 days in the jail of Bois d'Arcy near Paris. After that, we pursued our rosaries, but in the streets while declaring them as public demonstrations, as foreseen by the "Rebublican" law. Our prayers were each time forbidden during long time, but thanks to the pugnacity of our lawyers we are now tolerated, and in principle protected by the police from the violent exactions of the partisans of the Šright to abortion‹. But this legal way to proceed is always displeasing the French bishops, as before, so we also pray for them. However we are progressing, since on November 18th of this year, at 2.30 PM, SOS THE SMALLEST ONES organizes simultaneously in more than 30 French cities, and even in Brussels, rosaries in the street. Dr. Dor stated: ŠWe are becoming, in spite of us, preachers in the street The goal has been reached, the crime of abortion is not completely concealed in France, and the truth appears progressively: 1) The enormous number of abortions: 1 million probably in France (official abortions + clandestine ones + RU 486 - now at home - + pill of the following day + mini-pill + I.U.D. + artificial fertilization + experimentations on the embryo 2) The physical, psychological and moral consequences for the mothers and fathers. 3) The catastrophic demographic consequences, of which one begins to say that they won't even be compensated by a foreign immigration, even if it became over-massive. 4) The obvious moral consequences which are killing whole nations, the family's destruction, pornography and the monstrous crimes that it produces by the destruction of the moral sense of the population. - The future is on our side: in the United States, in Poland, South America, the Philippines, the chain of abortion is legally bursting, to the big fury of the Family Planning. This movement is irreversible. The recent example of Nicaragua where the old Marxist Sandinist Daniel Ortega rallied to the pro-life principle and make it triumph, is the best example. It's not necessary to despair of men, the worst one can convert. But nothing is made without God's help, yet is it necessary to ask Him for it! For example the Parisians can join our jubilee prayer of the rosary on this Saturday November 18th at 2.30 PM at St Michel's square, very near to Notre Dame cathedral ! - Many thanks to SOS THE SMALLES ONES for this truly prophetic testimony during 20 years, at the face of a world which has become murderous of the "smallest ones". - (ru)

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