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- SPECIAL EDITION: Please find hereafter "UNEC INFO No. 36 of Nov. 10th, 2006" that we reproduce readily. UNEC is, so to speak, the mother-house of these RU press releases.

Quote: "Dear members, dear friends of UNEC:

The year 2006 goes towards its end and you wait for news. Here they are, more than ever rich and promising.

= = Our Circle COSTA(UNEC): Our book ŠThe Holy Tunic face to the science‹ (in French), with the papers of our symposium of November 12th, 2005, at Argenteuil/Paris, will finally appear within a few days with the editor F. -X. de Guibert. The 130 subscribers will be able to fetch their (pre-paid) copies on November 20th, from 7 PM to 11 PM, at our COSTA booth at the Mutuality Building, Monge street (face to the church St Nicolas de Chardonnet), in the centre of Paris. We shall send them by the post office to those who would not be able to be present there. The book became an illustrated piece in big format of 240 pages, an encouraging start!

You are already 20 to have positively answered to our invitation to register individually as Šmonthly pilgrim to the Holy Tunic‹ in order to pray the rosary there, especially the Passion mysteries, Šfor France, for Europe, and for the World‹. Each one can choose the day of the month which is the most convenient to him, for at least 12 months, while knowing that the Basilica of Argenteuil is open every day for visits from 3 PM to 5 PM, and on weekends from 4 PM to 6 PM. Please let us know the day that you prefer (e.g. "every 3rd Tuesday of the month", or "every 1st Saturday of the month" etc.), and you will receive your ŠPilgrim Card‹. As soon as we shall be 30, which means that a daily permanence is assured on all days of the month, we'll invite those 30 pilgrims in order to elaborate together how to revive the ancient ŠConfraternity of the Holy Tunic‹. What an honor for us to be so close to it, and thus to be able to "stand sentinel" over it, in the name of the whole Christendom! The Miracle will come from there, from the Holy Blood of O.L. Jesus Christ, there is no doubt.

We are happy to be able to announce that our American friends, Mr and Mrs. John and Rebecca Jackson, made enter the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil into the selected themes of the congress on the Shroud of Turin in Los Angeles, on August 17th and 18th, 2007. Therefore we'll be able to go there to announce the Good News of the Holy Tunic to the Americans. We also think to get translated into English and Spanish the Acts of the Argenteuil symposium, in order to make known the Holy Tunic in Spain and in the two Americas.

Please note already the "Procession of the Holy Tunic" through the center of Argenteuil like in olden times, on the 1st Sunday of the Passion, i.e. on March 25th, 2007, as we realized it on this same Sunday in 2006. We were 130 pilgrims, a good start for renewing this tradition. In 2007 we'll try to mobilize also the Parisians, and in 2008 all of France. Honor to the Holy Relics of O.L. Jesus Christ in France!

= = Our Circle COELI (UNEC): Please consider that the only regular broadcast on the Shroud of Turin and the other Relics of O.L. Jesus Christ can be heard every month on our Radio-Silence (see hereafter)? It's Jacques Burel who keeps us informed about the last developments, congresses, disasters and other marvels linked to the Shroud of Turin, the Holy Tunic of Argenteuil, the Shroud of Oviedo and the other Relics that our Savior left for us on earth in order to comfort and to fortify us.

= = RADIO-SILENCE (only on Internet: It prospers. Our technique is, for once, at the forefront of progress. Today the big radio stations must adapt their techniques painfully to the new requirements on which our radio is based since it's start-up 6 years ago: miniaturization (modules mp3), universal availability (Internet), the auditor's total liberty (to be able to build one's program by oneself: systems Ši-pod‹ etc.!). The whole radio technique is toppling, and our radio has a big future before itself. Make it known please. We are already about twenty editors and technicians, but without studio, advertisement, nor wages, andwithout big noise. Our (French) news and chronicles, either political or religious ones, are more "incorrect" - especially politically, but often also religiously - than anywhere else on the Christian radios. The religious program has been recently enriched by a catechism for Moslems which was seriously lacking on the waves. We are at our 9th broadcast of this catechism called "The Good News to the Moslems", which will soon also be aired by us in literary Arabic language. This radio can be captured in any country, including the Arabic ones May God bless this poor work of our hands, with such a precious content: the Gospel!

By the way, here is an appeal: we look for a 3rd Webmaster for our radio, for the case of a failure. A kind of Šstand-by‹, so to say. For the marketing we are now equipped. Our radio is ready to spread. Meanwhile we have "local" chronicles from France, of course, but also from Switzerland, Latin America, North America and Southeast Asia. We are yet looking for contributors of chronicles from Belgium andQuebec!

= = Our PILGRIMAGES: After our unforgettable pilgrimages to Russia (2002), Bavaria (2003), Georgia (2004), Sweden (2005), and Norway (2006), we already prepare the next ones: Turkey (2007), Ireland-Iceland (2008), Catholic Quebec (2009)So the next one is our ŠPilgrimage to the sources of Christianity - Eastern Turkey and Georgia‹, whose dates will probably be from Saturday October 27th to Friday November 9th, 2007 (13 days), by plane GO from Paris to Istanbul and further on to Trabzund, and RETURN from Tbilissi in Georgia to Paris. The rest of the way by minibus. Provisional program:

- Arrival to Trabzund (Black Sea), ancient cathedral Hagia Sophia (13rd century), Sumela monastery on the rocks (6th century), Mass of repair at the precise place where Fr. Santoro has been murdered in February 2006;

- Samsun, Mass of repair where the French Fr. Brunissen has been stabbed in July 2006;

- Mardin, with the still active monastery Mor Gabriel (4th century), visits in the old Christian region Tur Abdin, notably Hah (monastery of Saint Mary), origin of Christian monachism;

- the lake Van, close to Iran, with Akdamar island, seat of the Armenian pariarch from 10th to 19th century;

- Ani, very close to Armenia, old Armenian capital Šwith the 1000 bell-towers‹, today abandoned, close to the Ararat mountain where Noah's ark is said to have landed

- Erzurum, Byzantine fortress of the 4th century, ancient silk road of silk from Persia;

- passage to Georgia: Zugdidi with its ŠGreen House‹ of SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), French-Georgian castle of the Murat family, today a museum containing ŠThe Holy Robe of the Virgin Mary‹;

- via the very old monasteries of Khobi and Guelati by bus towards Tbilissi, notably with a visit to the cathedral of Mzcheta sheltering the Holy Tunic of Christ venerated since the 2nd century in Georgia Return by airplane to Paris on Friday very early in the morning.. It's a hard pilgrimage, age limits: 10 and 70 years. Foot Marches and processions. Already 30 pre-inscriptions, but a group of maximum 15 to 18 pilgrims would be ideal. Price to be foreseen: approximately 1000 Euros (1200 USD) from Paris, all included. The detailed program will be fixed after our 2nd Špre-pilgrimage‹ there, planned for spring 2007.

= = By the way, the Šfruit‹ of the pilgrimage to Sweden of 2005 materialized on July 30th, 2006, in Paris, in the conversion of pastor Sten Sandmark who directed the Lutheran parish of Oskarshamn where we could celebrate the Holy Mass of all times, the one of the ritual St Pius V. It's this Holy Mass that decided him to come back to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church Šin order to save my soul‹.- He and his young ex-Lutheran seminarist Joacim (18 years) will again be in Paris from Dec. 26th to Dec. 31st, 2006, and we invite you to a pizza to celebrate their arrival, on December 28th, 2006, at 8 PM at the Pizzeria ROMA, rue des Ecoles (very near to the church St Nicolas de Chardonnet where we will celebrate a Holy Mass for tha babies of SOS MOTHERS at 6.30 PM on the same evening, see below). The program for this year end dinner: activity and financial reports UNEC ("general assembly 2006"), renewal of the Board, diaporama about the future pilgrimages, then speech of Fr. Sten. Price of the dinner: 18 Euro. Please book your seat from now on.

= = Please also be informed that UNEC took the engagement to support financially the young Joacim during his studies before priesthood so that he can, one day, assist Fr. Sten in his future mission in Sweden. The FSPX guarantees already his basic expenses (lodging, food, university fees etc.), and we would want to help Joacim for the more personal expenses (computer material, academic books, 1 journey to Europe per year etc.). We are budgeting for this approximately 300 Euro per month. We already advanced this Christmas trip (flight ticket America-Europe-America 700 Euros), while hoping that you will help us, especially if you are a previous pilgrim of UNEC. We ask you to establish, if possible, a small monthly donation transfer, in order to feed the sub-account ŠJOACIM (UNEC)‹: it's our participation in the future big mission of Sweden.

= = Action SOS MOTHERS (UNEC). Up to now we succeeded to rescue 309 babies from abortion, of which 40 are yet to be born. This Good Samaritan work towards those human beings who are the most resourceless and forgotten ones, i.e. the babies in danger of abortion, continues strongly. It's possibly the most important and pertinent action of our UNEC association. Our ŠDaily Journal‹ which our donors receive regularly, testifies about this hard work but marvelous work. Besides, the publisher F. -X. de Guibert showed himself interested in publishing, in 2007, this ŠJournal‹ as a book. It will be a forceful testimony, proving that nothing is lost, that life can be saved, that everything is possible with God, especially the reduction, and even the abolition, of abortion in France, in Europe, and in the world. Continue please to support this action, especially financially, because it's mostly a question of practical financial help to mothers in heavy difficulties.

In Georgia, our ŠGreen House‹ of SOS MOTHERS goes straight ahead, thanks to Princess Murat. They already saved 35 babies! This summer we succeeded in routing our material, including our own Russia made "4/4 Niva-Diesel", towards Georgia, that Christian country which is so far away, but so close to our hearts.

Please also note Jan. 21st, 2007, at 2.30 PM place of the Republic in Paris, and participate, under the banner of ŠRadio-Silence for Life‹, to the big anti-abortion march. We will be close to the group of SOS TOUT PETITS of Dr Dor, in order to pray in public the rosary, the only decisive remedy against this mass murder.

= = Many of you are receiving already our weekly press releases RU (UNEC), with our ŠChristian News‹, either by email (free of cost), by fax (free of cost), or by letter (for 30 Euro per year, in addition to the yearly basic membership fee of 30 Euro to UNEC). RU becomes thus a real militant link between all of us. Please note that UNEC has an Internet site where you can find also these weekly RU dispatches and where they are archived:

= = This brings us to UNEC. The yearly membership fee is 30 Euro. If you pay now, your member contribution is already applicable to 2007. Thank you in advance! It's the basic resource of UNEC which wants to make revive, with you, Christian Europe. Nothing less than that.

Adveniat Regnum tuum! - UNEC."

Unquote. - ru (cf. U.I. 36 of Nov.10th, 2007)


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