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- VATICAN: Finally, the Vatican published the "revised" version of the text of the academic speech which Benedict XVI pronounced on Sept. 12th, 2006, at Regensburg. In this revised text, an important note, added by the pope's hand, appears on the bottom of the page where he mentioned the emperor Manuel II Paleologus, saying (translated from German): "This quotation was unfortunately understood, in the Moslem world, as an expression of my own opinion, and has thus naturally caused indignation. I hope that the reader of my text can immediately discern that this sentence doesn't reflect my own opinion concerning the Koran, in front of which I feel the respect that is due to the saint book of a large religion. While mentioning the text of the emperor Manuel II, I had the only intention to make understand the link between faith and reason. As to this point, I adhere to the thinking of Manuel, without adopting his polemics." - We other simple faithful remain perplexed before this diplomatic evasion, though papal. If there is an essential link between reason and faith, and if this link cannot be found in the Koran, this book is neither logical nor saint, and it doesn't deserve our respect, on the contrary. Respect is exclusively due to the Moslems abused by these false lights displayed as "religion", and not because they are Moslems, but because they are called to (re)become one day - by the holy baptism - sons and daughters of the unique God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. May this day arrive soon, 'Veniat Regnum tuum'! - (ru; cf. KU Oct. 2006)


- FRANCE: On forthcoming Dec. 8th and 9th, the TELETHON tv show will arrive, with 30 hours of direct broadcasting! A hammering performance never seen before! Until now, one had to avoid to be politically incorrect: otherwise you were put aside. Then arrived the religiously incorrect: you were outlawed. But now arrives the genetically incorrect: then it's simple, one kills you. That's Telethon, in spite of all good feelings spread out on the stage by showing disabled children who are presented on the tray like circus animals. They even present you "babythons", i.e. genetically perfect babies, sorted out carefully at the embryonic stage where are brutally 'eliminated' the poor babies with the slightest risk of having a genetic disorder. Those highly sophisticated machines have been paid with donations to the previous Telethons, i.e. WITH OUR MONEY! Hitler had already concocted, with the same aim of a purified race, a similar strategy, some 65 years ago, the famous "Aktion T4" which aimed precisely at the extinction of hundred thousands of impotent and mental patients. But a great prelate of the Catholic Church, the cardinal Clemens August von Galen, stood up on Hitler's road, what induced him to release his famous Stopp-Befehl in August 1941 which put an end to the operation, when already some ten thousands of human beings - of which 5000 children - had been sacrificed and their human remainders incinerated in order to disappear forever. Today one proceeds more delicately, but on the basis of the same "racism of health": oh no, they don't go to the direct slaughter of those small disabled children! No, they already "eliminate" them in the embryonic stadium. There is nothing more shabby and abject in this world. But the crowds of "normal" idiots applaud by millions, give donations by millions (104 million Euros to the Telethon in 2005!), while selling their souls to the work of death that will lead, sooner or later, without any change of the goal, to the massacre of incurable adult patients, of everything that is not healthy and valid. "Lebensunwert" - unworthy of life - qualified Hitler the human beings to be eliminated. There we are all over again. - Which man of God, which bishop, which cardinal will this time stand up on the path towards the abyss in order to take the defense of the smallest human beings? Well, as did previously the cardinal von Galen, here is the bishop of Toulon, Mgr Dominique Rey, who recently raised his voice without ambiguity against the Telethon machinery for killing the genetically incorrect embryos: "No to the Telethon! Not one penny more to this work of death! We cannot cooperate anymore!", he declared in substance. - So all these pagan movements, initially born from a good human feeling, finish each time in a nightmare: this was first the case with UNICEF in the years 90, then the case of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL in 2005, and today the case of the TELETHON. And each time the Church must recall its troops from a misleading engagement. When do we finally learn to trust to nothing else than to our good old Christian movements for the help of the poor and miserable ones, of the sick and dying ones? There we can be sure that God's command "You won't kill", anchored in every human conscience, is respected without any compromise, because there is true love, and not mere feelings of pity. One doesn't help the sick ones by suppressing them, but by taking care of them and by sharing with them our own life, as did our divine Savior to rescue us. - (ru; cf.. FC Nov.3, BAN Oct. 23)

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