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RU 41/2006 - UNO, MALTA

- UNO. One of these is for sure: either they became mad, or we did. On October 11th, the WHO department (World Health Organization) of the United Nations published a report on the worldwide violence against children, while defining a child by "any human being under the age of 18". But they forgot 47 million aborted babies. One can read there many meticulously collected numbers which have been put into shape and very probably falsified (see below): in the year 2002, 53,000 children have been murdered, and 223 millions (of which 150 million girls) have been sexually abused. About 120 million girls are today genitally mutilated. 218 million children worked in 2004, of which 126 millions in dangerous jobs. 1.8 million children are abused by prostitution and pornography, and 1.2 millions are object of human trafficking... Why are these numbers 'probably falsified'? Since everybody knows the proven bias of all organizations of the UN, tool number 1 of the atheistic mondialism, to push fanatically the world towards abortion. The reason is that by creating a hysteria by extreme exaggerations, one can manage more easily to persuade the governments towards the limitation of the number of children to be born, therefore to 'liberalize' abortion, the pill, homosexuality. Therefore it's not astonishing that this report of the UN totally 'forgets' the tens of millions of abortions perpetrated every year in the world. At the UN, they take care of the least pain of children, but one lets remove without hesitation, by a cutter stroke executed in their mother's womb, their lives by millions. It's lunacy. Those men and women of the U.N. have yet a head on their shoulders, "but stuffed with Sauerkraut", as said in an inimitable language Rev. Fr. Franz Schmidberger (FSSPX Germany). How much time can we live peacefully together with people who lost their minds? That French lady - Mrs Courjault - who killed and froze three of her new-born babies, one per year, is only a dwarf by comparison to those fanatics of mass assassination. They want to jail this woman for lifetime, and they are right, but they forget that they themselves are guilty of the same crime, with a few hours of distance (before and after birth), and while making themselves guilty of millions of murders, and not only of three. "They see the dust in the eye of their neighbour, but don't see the beam in their own eyes". - (ru; cf.. LSN Oct. 13)


- MALTA: The archbishop of Malta, Mgr Joseph Mercieca, dared to exalt the mothers' noble role at home. Oh boy, what did he do! Not only a horde of feminists fell him over, but the minister of the Family and Social Matters in person, Mrs. Cristina Dolores, blamed him for creating a feeling of guilt with mothers who are said to have chosen work. Overwhelmed, the archbishop kept silent, and it's his communications manager, Mgr Charles Buttigieg, who stood up in order to defend the archbishop's declarations, or let's better say: to say loudly and strongly the truth. What did they dare to say? That it's necessary to sustain further and to valorize women who stay at home in order to take care of their small children; that the State must create such conditions that parents don't feel obliged to work both of them, in order to assure the very existence of the family, which is a serious harm to the children; the archbishop deplored that the fact to remain as mother at home is considered by the public opinion like a failure and an archaism; on the contrary, says Mgr Buttigieg, it's necessary to affirm with strength that the woman who gave birth to his child, who feeds it and takes care of it and devotes herself to its education, especially during the first years, is comparable to any other professional worker, and that she must have the same rights of work (adequate remuneration, protection against exploitation and discrimination, retirement...), even more than others because of the hardship of the task. Mgr Buttiegieg said what already John-Paul II had luminously affirmed in his 'Letter to the families" (No. 17). - Yet, the archbishop didn't say all what had to be said. The reality is obvious: the work market has natural limits, and there is not enough work for man and woman. It's against the nature of things, because the noble place of the woman is elsewhere. Since she invaded massively the work market, unemployment exploded as a matter of course, and no one dares to put the finger on this evidence. Absolute equality is to be obeyed, since the French Revolution. The Christian doctrine is quite different, of a dimension which is otherwise judicious and admirable: the husband has the immense chance to be in a position to assure, at the foot of the throne of the mother of the family (his spouse), that this one can fulfill without anxiety her eminent task, role that associates her to God whose work of Creation continues so visibly in her. With each baby the world is being created all over again, everything starts again, since God is an immense "optimistic" and "idealist", a volcano of love, exceeding infinitely our limits, pessimisms and turpitudes. - ru (cf. LSN Oct. 6)

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