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RU 38/2006 - EUROPE, moschee projects

- EUROPE: Parallel to the acceleration of revelations - including from the Holy Father - on certain terrifying aspects of Islam, protests against mosques in Europe are amplifying. It's as if the Christians are taking courage. It's true that the pope came in some way back on his declarations, by saying to be "truly saddened" about the reactions of the Moslem after his speech (and not "absolutely sorry" about his own declarations, as it was wrongly translated by the "JdD" Sunday Newspaper of Sept. 17th in Paris). Independently of what the pope really stated on September 12th in the university of Regensburg in Bavaria, or of what he wanted to clarify later on, or of what he may yet declare in the future, he spread out by this speech, nolens volens, before the whole world, the question of the intimate tie between Islam and violence. What is important in this affair, is not the diplomacy of the Vatican, but the strategy of the Holy Spirit. And there, things are indeed comforting. The pope's affirmations, revealed by all media in tens of languages, made think millions - billions? - of men and women on this earth, including the Moslem, who might surely have wondered in their interior: "And if the pope was right? If Islam implied violence ?" - But who revealed the 'scandal' to the whole world, two days later, after one day of very quiet media, since the journalists had considered the papal speech as "dark" and "academic"? Well, it was not the Moslem, but the BBC of London that trumpeted, without bringing the slightest proof, on September 14th that the pope's speech would have caused "the fury of Moslems around the world", and this wrong news was spread by all its agencies in the main languages of Moslem countries: in Arab, Turk, Farsi (the language of Iran), Urdu (the language of Pakistan), Malaysian etc. The same day, and especially on the following day, like by a magic trick, the Moslem world exploded indeed, induced by this abject and dangerous intrigue of the BBC which, for long time already, surveyed the Vatican personality Ratzinger, notably because of his moral positions, with a very bad eye. Islam is one thing, but its atheistic accomplices in the west is another thing. - Let's come back to mosques: Sofia, London, Strasburg, Duisburg, Munich, to name some of those monster mosques in Europe. - Sofia/Bulgaria: the big mosque of the 16th century, called Banya Bashi, voices out 3 times per day the Muslim prayers by very powerful loudspeakers, and it's no more accepted by everyone. A conservative group called Ataka installed this summer, during several weeks, a sound truck which switched on its loudspeakers each time that the mosque started its prayer loudspeakers, while playing very loudly the Bulgarian national anthem. A petition with 35,000 signatures was handed over to the mayor, asking that the noise from the mosque stop: "Who knows, maybe they announce the holy war against us ?" questioned the petition. The mayor requested the stop of all loudspeakers, but the Moslem refused to do so, saying that they "lowered the noise level while aligning it to the decibels of the surrounding church bells", but the mayor didn't accept this argument. The matter is always in suspense, and one waits for what will happen next. Bulgaria counts 7.7 million inhabitants, of which nearly 1 million Moslem. The country was occupied by the Islamic Ottomans during 5 centuries. - London: As announced earlier, the Olympic Games 2012 already created a nightmare. At 500 ms from the future Olympic center, in the district West Ham of London, will be constructed the biggest mosque of the world, where 70,000 Moslems can pray at the same time. For comparison: the biggest Anglican cathedral, at Liverpool, can only welcome 3500 faithful, and the Saint Peter's cathedral in Rome 60,000 faithful. The mosque will also include a school, a hotel with 1500 rooms, a library etc., with a total area of 50,000 m2. The European Union promised a help of several million Euros for this project. The total cost is said to reach 150 million Euros. For the meantime the project has been put into waiting position, since the British police established a tie between promoters of the project and Islamic brains of the terrorist attempts in the subway of London. Look at that ! - Strasburg: The project of the large mosque of Strasbourg, old of twenty years and repeatedly amended and remodeled, sees finally the day. The first stone has been put on October 24st, 2004, in the presence of Moslem authorities, but also of the archbishop of Strasbourg, Mgr Joseph Dore, of Fabienne Keller, mayor UMP of the city, and of Robert Grossmann, president UMP of the urban community of Strasbourg. Nice people ! The region will participate with some 400,000 Euros, and the city with 600,000 Euros to the project whose total cost is of 6 million Euros. Why? "On the ground of the Concordat regime (between the French State and the Catholic Church!) which is yet in force in the Alsace-Mosel region and that allows subsidies to cults". Are we dreaming ? The mosque is localized on a land which is "rented by the township", very near to the historic center of Strasburg. The building will finally have 20 ms of height and will be able to welcome 1500 faithful, "too little for the 40,000 Moslem living in the city of Strasbourg, and for the 100,000 Moslem in Alsace", complains the Moslem promoters. One must henceforth be ready to discover in the newspaper, one beautiful morning, the first photograph of the new large mosque of Strasburg. - The biggest mosque of Germany is currently under construction at Duisburg, for 1200 faithful. The imposing dome of the building, shining with silver, reaches 23 ms of height. The rough work has been finished on September 8th, 2006. The project, of a total cost of 7.7 million Euros, is managed by Turkish promoters and is subsidized with 1.5 million Euros by the European Union (!), as well as 1.3 million Euros by the Land. End of the construction site: by February 2007. - And finally the project of Munich, the capital of Bavaria. No use to talk in detail about it, since the Bavarian Government, after massive protests by the inhabitants of Munich, just has ordered, on September 19th, the refusal of the construction permit for the mosque project which was supposed to be erected next to the neo-barocco church St Korbinian: "The mosque would carry prejudice to the neighbors while removing the sun from them, particularly by the minarets". Yet, the battle will be rough since the socialist mayor of the city, Christian Ude, wants to make appeal; but after this judicial interval of supposedly one or two years, the project risks to come up again, even in a modified form. We propose to the people of Munich, rather than to argue with weak aesthetic principles, to be for example more true in this dialogue, encouraged by the pope, for instance by a flier with the following text: "Dear Turkish Moslem in Munich! We want by no means to impose our principles of tolerance, respect, and dialogue upon you. No, we try to adopt your own language and your own gestures. You don't give to the Christians in Turkey any possibility of constructing churches, even not to repair them, nor to open schools; even the only Christian seminary in Turkey, on the island of Halki, is closed since 1971 by your Government. In order to be pleasant to you, we would want to treat you exactly in the same way, by forbidding you the opening of the new mosque in Munich-Sendling, so that you can feel perfectly at home here: NO to your mosque! If ever you change your way of acting in Turkey towards the Christians one day, while permitting them for instance the construction of churches and schools, we would also change our manner to welcome you here. But until then: NO to your mosque! In fact things are worse: you put to death our priests in Turkey (and in Germany): already 3 during this year 2006! But we ask for your understanding that we also have our own principles of action, and that in this point we cannot honor you while imitating your habits in Turkey: so we won't kill your Imams. We limit ourselves to this simple gesture: NO to your mosque "! - Latest news concerning Islam: On Sunday September 24th will begin the Ramadan, a time which is traditionally used for attacks against Christians. On November 28th, the Holy Father will leave for Turkey. Ali Agca who shot on John-Paul II, just has sent a message to the Holy Father: "Pope Ratzinger, your life is now in danger, above all don't come to Turkey !"... with this kind P.S.: "I can't receive you since I'm in jail". A new novel, on sale in Turkey, carries the English subtitle: "Who will kill the pope in Istanbul?" OK, we already had a 'novel' like that (Da Vinci Code). Let's remain careful! - (ru; cf. SD Sept.20, BILD Sept.8, PF Aug.28, LSN Sept.18, TSE July 21, AMI Sept.28., DW Sept.20)

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