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- FRANCE: Benedict XVI just opened his suitcase in Bavaria as the press release came out of the fax machines, this same day of September 8th, feast of the Nativity of the most Holy Virgin Mary: a small group of ancient priests of the Priest's Society St Pius X of Mgr Lefèbvre had achieved to obtain a special canonical statute from the Vatican authorities in Rome, while becoming the Society of the Good Pastor. They are now, as said the pagan press, "rallied to the Vatican". Superior: Rev. Fr. Philippe Laguérie; ritual: exclusively the old Mass in Latin (ritual St Pius V); number of priests: 5 for the meantime (under them: Fr Guillaume de Tanoüarn, Fr Paul Aulagnier etc.); HQ: Bordeaux; under the compleasant eyes of cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, president of the French Episcopal Conference; special protector in Rome: cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy and charged by the pope of the dialogue with the "Lefèbvrists". It's in fact an Institute "of pontifical right". - Reaction of the new traditionalist group 'in the very heart of the Church': "Deo gratias!" Reaction - on the same September 8th - from the FSPX France: "... This Institute in itself doesn't constitute a canonical novelty. The Commission Ecclesia Dei induced, since its creation in 1988, similar foundations: Society Saint Peter, Society Saint Jean-Marie Vianney of Campos (Brazil)... In the occurrence, this Institute of the Good Pastor is to be compared more closely to the Institute Saint Philippe Néri of Berlin, established in 2003, also of pontifical right, for 1 priest and 4 seminarists. A foundation which is today very precarious... The future will say what distinguishes this newly started Institute. The FSPX recalls, on this occasion, that she cannot make hers a community-type solution where the Tridentine Mass would be confined into a particular statute. The Holy Mass of Tradition of 2000 years must enjoy in the Church of a full and entire city right: this Mass is not a reserved privilege for a few people only, it's a right for all priests and faithful of the universal Church." -

At first glance, one could be shocked by this new establishment: where are - for these 5 priests - the high objectives fixed by Mgr Lefèbvre who asked from John-Paul II four bishops for the Tradition, and a theological Commission to verify the orthodoxy of every treaty of the Council Vatican II in relation to the Tradition of 2000 years of the Church? Why have been forgotten the objectives requested by Mgr Fellay, Superior of the FSPX, from the Holy Father: take off the unjust excommunications of the bishops of the Tradition, and give back to all priest of the universal Church the possibility to continue the ancient liturgy of the times before Vatican II? All this was forgotten and gave birth to a mouse: Rome conceded that 5 priests can celebrate the ancient Mass in Latin, and that they can a little bit criticize Vatican II, "but in a constructive way"... One could have the impression that these 5 priests procured for themselves, a bit egoistically, like the Barroux monastery did previously, the bread to eat, while leaving the immense herd of the Church on its hunger. Naturally, in the Vatican one is exulting. Mgr Lefèbvre, at the time of the separations of the Barroux and the Society St Peter from the FSPX, had this word: "One doesn't quit the boat in full battle!" -

On the other hand, one might be able to say to oneself: is this not like a 5th horse of Troie introduced strategically into the body of the modernist Church, to reconquer it for the Tradition? - But dear friends, would this be the "little steps" agreed upon between Benedict XVI and Mgr Fellay at the time of their surprise-meeting on August 29th, 2005? At this rhythm, since 5 priests represent only 1 percent of the Tradition (FSPX), should we therefore wait during 100 years for the "full communion", i.e. the year 2106? My God, give courage to persons who are responsible in Your Church so that they dare to make steps which are a lot bigger, and more courageous, because the wounds of Christ's Mystical Body are bleeding, and the world is waiting for God's Bread! - One thing is sure: one can be thankful to the Church for having given us the faith, and to the FSPX for having saved it. Without the FSPX, the isolated rowers would not even exist, drowned without mercy by those belonging to "the smoke of Satan which entered into the Church" (Paul VI). Therefore, the hour has come for a double DEO GRATIAS, while waiting with the TE DEUM for later on. - (ru; cf. FSPX 8.9., CSP 8.9.)


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