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RU 33/2006 - IRAN + GERMANY

- IRAN / GERMANY: The iniquitous laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran - always the same Sharia! - are going until spreading trouble into German courthouses. Knowing that a Moslem who converts to Christianity, when returning to his country, risks not only to be judged to death by a Islamic courthouse, but to be murdered by any Moslem in the street, the German courts are scandalously undecided in front of dramas which result until Europe from this situation. - Here are facts: A young man, aged 19, called Reza - Reza Mamipour Abri with his full name - lived quietly in his country, Iran. In 1995, after some contacts with Christians, he became attentive to God's call to convert to Christianity. "At that time I got spiritually convinced", he said later, referring to St John (16.9) where Jesus announced to his apostles: "When He (the Consolator) will have come, He will CONVINCE the world of the sin, the justice and the judgment. Of the sin, because they don't believe in Me". But Reza was lacking the courage to convert publicly, fearing presecution from the Islamic state and even his family. According to a law of 1981, imposed by the Taliban "seminarists", any person can be judged to death if he "abuses the prophet", notably while converting from Islam towards a "lower religion". (recall that, in 2005, an Iranian pastor of the name Ghorban Tori, after conversion from Islam to Christianity, had been kidnapped and stabbed to death by unknowns.) If one visits a Christian church in Iran, Islamists are standing before the portal to interrogate whom they want, trying to know if a Moslem converted to Christianity. Shortly after this strictly interior conversion, Reza did his military service. God's call became more pressing, and he begins to skip the Islamic prayers which are obligatory even in the Army, notably the Friday prayer. The audition of Reza is made... by an imam. This one suspects Reza of contempt of Islam, but Reza does not yet overtly admit this fact. Judged for military disobedience, he is suspended by the feet and flogged (this torture figures later on in the acts of the German courthouse). Finally, in 1997, Reza succeeds to escape from his country. He managed to go to Germany where he is spending by now already 9 years, continually menaced by expulsion orders towards Iran, since his requests for asylum are not accepted. In 1998, one year after his arrival to Germany, he does the decisive step: he officially converts to (Protestant) Christianity at Ansbach in Bavaria. But already in 1999 he is dragged before the administrative court of Ansbach which orders his expulsion towards Iran, for lack of residence permit, in spite of the risk for him to be killed there for having become a Christian. The German court argues that he would not take any risk in Iran if it would hide the fact that he is a Christian, in one word if he adopts a low profile (what a splendid recommendation!). Reza doesn't obey to the court order to leave Germany. After long procedures, he is judged a 2nd time at Ansbach, on July 26th and 27th, 2006; but this time the judge decided otherwise: Reza must not be expelled towards Iran. Thanks to God! But it's miserable that those judges, to find the truth, need a minimum of public pressure; in fact, meanwhile 62,659 signatures had been collected by an association called Soulsaver, in order to denounce the judgment of expulsion by the court of Ansbach. One can be inraged by the Iranian Talibans, but also by their accomplices in Germany, even those sitting on the chairs of the judges! - Today Reza has become a convinced Christian; he is preaching to the youths, notably to the Moslem, in the streets and on the beaches of Germany, and gets miracles of conversion (you can currently see a photo of Reza - today aged 30 - in action on the street, on the welcome page of the the site "The one that doesn't blush for Me before men, Me also, I won't blush for him face to my Father", preached Jesus. And since 2000 years we are doing everything to forget this. Except someones, like Reza. - (ru; cf. Soulsaver Aug. 18th)

- Negative counter: 478th day of one-sided maintenance of the "excommunication" of the bishops of the (bigger part of the) Catholic Tradition under the pontificate of Benedict XVI.

- Positive counter: A 298th baby has just been saved from abortion by the association SOS MOTHERS (Unec); his mom's name is Wendy, pregnant since 2 months. Deo gratias!

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