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- RUSSIA: One can think of patriarch Alexij II of Moscow what one wants - someones say that it is an ancient KGB man -, it's true, however, that he often proclaims absolute truths, coming either from himself or from his surrounding. On March 29, 2006, in a word of welcome, he declared to the participants of a Russian-Italian forum in Rome that "Christianity can and must remain the spiritual strength of Europe and not solely be considered as some of its roots". He argued against the largely spread opinion that Europe "should become the common house for the persons of different religions and cultures and therefore it shouldn't identify itself with the Christian civilization", an idea cherished by Mr. Gorbatchev and other global world dreamers. On the contrary, the patriarch declared: "If one throws an unbiased look on all acquirements of which Europe is proud today, one will discover that they are all based on the Christian religion". It would be better that Russia, Ukraine and Georgia join the European Union, instead of the Troïan horse Turkey! That's the stake of the next ten years. - (ru; cf. F.T. June 30)


- FRANCE: Goethe said that, if moms and dads were right to consider every next generation as worse than theirs, in which world would we be today? By this, he wanted to point out that the seniors exaggerate a little. But maybe Goethe was mistaken, at least in relation to today. In fact, the present numbers are telling the contrary. A recent survey reveals that the abortive pill NORLEVO ("pill of the next day") is not only, by ministerial decree, accessible in all schools to all little girls in France since the tender age of 12 years, without any need of agreement of the parents, but that the teenagers effectively do use those pills more and more: 12.2 % in 2000, and 30 % in 2005! These numbers reveal that the country became a pigsty, that's the unconfortable reality, Mr. Wolfgang von Goethe ! The descent is steep, to such a point that one could calculate with these numbers the end of humanity, a fact which has been announced in the Bible. But the Bible announced also the salvation, this invisible but absolutely sure divine grace offered by God to all men who want to welcome Him. The fact to believe this, becomes nowadays an article of supernatural faith and hope, because the mere human calculation arrived to the end of the way. - (ru; cf. TP 1.4.)


- FRANCE bis: The presidential elections of 2007 are approaching, and already some opinion polls reveal the first figures: Jean-Marie Le Pen (FN) would obtain, according to these polls, between 22 and 26 % at the first ballot of the elections, the maximum of all candidates. Le Pen Il appeals at present to a "Patriotic Union" in order to rally all those who want to save France from despair face to immigration, and from the decadence face to the Christian values. An isolated Catholic presidential candidate, Mr. Villiers, claims to be the only true candidate who defends the LIFE, against abortion. We asked the number 2 of Le Pen's party F.N., Mr. Bruno Gollnisch, also a Catholic, which is not the election platform (one knows what these platforms are worth after the elections, especially with Mr. Villiers), but the PROGRAM of the F.N. party face to the LIFE and the FAMILY, engageing permanently the whole movement. Here are some extracts from the program which has been ratified at the last F.N. congress: "The foetus is, from the conception, a human person whose first right is the right on life... This principle must be formally anchored in the Fundamental Law of the Republic." "The family must be systematically favored by the family preference." - "As is is contrary to the common wllbeing of our country, the abortion laws will be abolished." - "Creation of a parental salary for education, equivalent to one and a half times the basis salary SMIC, during 3 years for the first and second child, and for the families of 3 children and more, up to completed 18 years of the last child..." - "The family mother will receive a lawful and social statute with proper rights..." - "In order to obtain that the lodging will no more be a break for the increase of the families, the State will consent a considerable effort for permitting to each French family to become proprietor of a matching habitation..." - "The responsibility of the parents will be sustained by the free choice of the school and the creation of a school check." - "It is necessary to improve the conditions for the adoption of children by decreasing the time period provided for the legal acceptation of abandonment and by decreasing also the time of adoption procedure." - "The State has not to make laws for the profit of organized lobbies which pretend to impose their devious behaviours as normative social models; the PACS (marriagelike union between homosexuals) will be abolished." - "The pedophilia, the children traffic and the utilization of the latter ones for unutterable goals will be very severely punished, even up to death penalty." - "The parents, who are the natural and lawful protectors of their children, must be able to use everywhere not only their civil rights, but also their civic rights... The law will precise the utilization conditions of these rights. As this will reestablish the universal suffrage, the (French) families and their children will finally weigh by their real weight upon the collective decisions." - This program, based on natural law and Christian principles, proves that Le Pen is at present the only major candidate (forgetting the dissipator candidatures which collect only 1 to 3 %) who can be consciously elected by Christians. This truth should be spread! - (ru; cf. BG June 22)


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