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- GERMANY: Simultaneously with the World Cup of Soccer (from June 9th to July 9th, 2006) in 12 German cities, takes place the Rally for Sex, and these two competitions are organized in absolutely perfect way by the two German genius, the one of the "Geist" (spirit) of Bach, Kant and Goethe, of course, but also the one of the "Ungeist" (evil spirit) of Hitler, Schroeder and other Angela Merkels. What is is all about? Let's not mention here the details of the "soccer" part, with 4 millions spectators heaped up in brand new stadiums, without counting the 30 to 40 millions of youths who attend the various matches on the public squares by means of gigantic screens. No, let's talk about the thousands of prostitutes - the newspapers give the number of 40,000! - that flow in, for the opportunity, especially from the European East, in order to welcome actors and spectators in special "Leistungsboxes" (cabins of performance) which have been erected close to the stadiums. For example in Berlin, it's a mega-brothel situated on a vast area of 3000 m2 where are aligned several tens of cabins integrating individual garage, little lounge, toilet, supply automate for condoms, without forgetting an alarm bell directly linked to a near police station, and all of this is arranged in a way as to guarantee maximum anonymity to the customer and security to the prostitute. 650 customers can be welcomed in this place at the same time! "It's necessary that the teams, the officials and especially the supporters from all over the world feel at home", declared the famous soccer champion Franz Beckenbauer, who is the president of the organizational committee. Besides, Mr. Blatter, president of the FIFA, invited the supporters to use only the services of 'voluntary' prostitutes, while washing his hands like Pontius Pilatus. Yes, the millions can feel 'at home': ever present 'correct' language, pleasure, depravity, huge amounts of money. Thank you, German friends, for this perfect organization of vice, by 'marchandizing' football and women at the same time.! - During the previous World Cup of soccer in France, there was no question of sex. For the simple reason that in France prostitution is prohibited by law. In South Korea (since 1999), as by the way in Sweden (since 2004), it's the 'customers' who are fined in case of prostitution. This is a just measure, because prostitution is only the answer to a perverse demand! Moreover, Sweden has officially asked the German Government to close the special brothels for the World Cup. But in Germany a law of January 1st, 2002 - under Schröder - entirely liberalized prostitution while defining it as "the profession of services of the sex", supposedly to suppress "the bad notion of this profession compared to good customs", in order to render "the dignity" to the prostitutes while assimilating them to "independent or salaried workers having a work contract". In one word: they have to pay the value added tax! Let's not be fooled: all this - like in the stadiums - turns around money, and the human rights only serve as a pretext, or more precisely as a badly hidden Adam's leaf . One makes hypocritically a distinction between 'free' and 'forced' prostitution, the last one to be fought against, and the first one to be put to honor. Since this new law, the 'Rotlicht" (red lamp) districts and brothels emerge like mushrooms. Currently 400,000 women 'work' already in Germany under this regime of prostitution, with social insurance, professional security, unions, retirement rights... Half of them come from foreign countries, especially from the European East, attracted by flashing advertisements which make dream the poor girls of the East of becoming 'au pair' girls, helps handmaids, models or stewardesses with substantial salaries 'to-morrow', but in fact after the arrival to the station or airport of destination, they are already bereaved of their passports until they repay the 'travel expenses' while prostituting themselves, and if they don't comply, one threatens them to abuse - or kill - their parents in their country of origin. After that they are simply kept in this straitjacket. "Arbeit macht frei" (work makes free), a new type of concentration camp! This time the state even encashes the VAT tax, becoming thus accomplice and co-pimp. Ah, it's wonderful, that distinction between free and forced prostitution! There are 142 brothels in Munich, capital of Catholic Bavaria; in Berlin one counts several hundreds of them. They can be installed everywhere, "except in proximity of churches and schools". One wonders why, if all this is so innocent? - Of course, some voices come up against these brothels of the World Championship, notably with the program "red card" of the feminists, or the program "Whistle!" in which also participate some religious associations, and even Catholic ones like the SKF (Sozialdienst Katholischer Frauen = Catholic Women's Social Service). But one wonders how far can lawfully go the Catholic engagement, when one hears that it's precisely due to these women that certain details have been decided, as the small alarm bell in the 'cabins of performance'. Don't they become, by compromises which are never enough denounced, associates of the evil? Mrs. Suzanne Wundling, of the Catholic Women's Federation at Würzburg, declared, capitulating: "To attack ourselves to the very legalization (of prostitution) is today impossible". Is it therefore necessary for them to engulf themselves into the evil while trying to save from inside what can be saved? Is this all what remains in German Catholicism of the Holy Spirit who wants to transform the believers into incorruptible witnesses of the truth until the death, if necessary even the death of martyrdom? - (ru; cf. BF June 23, AV June 27, LC June 27)



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