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RU 24/2006 - Christian Latvia resists to the E.U.

- LATVIA: This country makes tremble the European Union, already for the second time since its entrance into this atheistic club on May 1st, 2004! Latvia is one of the three Baltic countries, stuck between Estonia in the north, Lithuania in the south, and especially Belarus in the east. Its population is of 2.3 millions of inhabitants. This small country created the event when it dared, on December 1st, 2005, to reaffirm the sacred character of the traditional family - father, mother and child - while writing down this definition into the Constitution of Latvia, face to some cute judges trying to open a breach in the existing legislation which forbids "unisex marriages", while fainting that this is against the "discrimination of sexes". 73 of the 100 MPs voted for this amendment of the Constitution, with only 2 MPs voting against it. - In fact, the homosexuals had programmed a "gay-pride" for July 2005 in Latvia's capital Riga, but the township forbade this demonstration. Dragged before the judges, the city was disavowed one day before the parade by the judges, and the interdiction was lifted. Finally 50 gays showed up for the parade, opposed by thousands of counter-demonstrators. The affair didn't stay there. The Catholics and Protestants, with one single voice, required the parliamentarians to block the road to those judges, while anchoring the notion of the traditional family into the very Constitution. This was done 5 months later. Bravo to the Latvians, and bravo to the Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis who led this campaign! The Catholic Church was particularly engaged in this fight, and her chief, the Latvian cardinal Janis Puiats, that warned in August 2005 that homosexual militancy is more dangerous than the militancy experienced by Latvia at the times of the Soviet atheism: "Today we have an era of sexual atheism; this form of atheism is even more infectious and dangerous, since spiritual values disappear in a swamp of sexual irregularity". It's necessary to recall that the Latvians have a lot of courage. After the collapsus of the Soviet Union and the recuperation of liberty for this minuscule country, they challenged the Russians living in their country (30% of the population!): either they would declare themselves in favor of the Latvian Republic and would learn the Latvian language - and in this case they would be admitted to receive the Latvian nationality -, or they would remain Russians, but without the right to vote. Things took place effectively along this policy, with enormous tensions with the very close Big Brother. So, Latvia will not be afraid to challenge the European Union. Indeed, the modification of the Constitution in favor of the traditional family didn't pass unobserved in Brussels. It caused even anger. The strong homosexual lobby in the European parliament immediately condemned Latvia because of "homophobia" (a slogan of intimidation extensively used by the homo advocates in order to silence those who dare to criticize them): "Latvia is clearly moving backwards compared to the majority of European States", bemoaned the vice-president of a homosexual faction in the EP Intergroup, Sophie Veld in't, Dutch MEP; "the European Parliament has to raise its voice against the right-wing and homophobic elements in European politics who would like to re-impose their backward and homophobic values on the rest of society." And the president of this "intergroup", UK MEP Michael Cashman, hammered: "All member states must conform to EU law including laws which protect citizens' fundamental rights and freedoms". - 2nd thunder clap: in June 2006, Latvia continues to challenge the EU, while refusing to ratify the European laws giving some special rights to homosexuals. In fact the Latvian parliament voted against the legislation imposed by Brussels that includes "sexual orientation" in the laws against discrimination. Indeed, at the time of the entrance into the EU, Latvia had taken the firm engagement to ratify those laws. During the hard discussions on this topic in the Latvian parliament, the word "sin" was pronounced by members of the ruling Christian-Democratic Party. Latvia is, at present, the only country in the EU that doesn't have any law including "sexual orientation" in the fight against discrimination. Since Latvia ignores and challenges so hardly the UE, inspite of its firm engagement in 2005, some voices can be heard saying that it could break away from the Union. It's not anymore the Union which challenges Latvia, but the small Latvia which challenges the Union, for its moral decline. - At the time when John-Paul II encouraged the Poles and the Croatians to rejoin the EU, many doubted about the good reasons of such a policy. Today one may ask oneself if that pope was not, on the contrary, very cute in his Realpolitik: while wanting to integrate into the EU all those countries of the east, which are firmer in the Christian faith than the degenerated west, did Jean-Paul II want to put as many time bombs into the UE, which would make it evolve towards something prefiguring a little better God's Kingdom to come? You can congratulate Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis by email to - (ru; cf. LSN 7.12.05 +16.6.06)

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