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RU 21/2006 - Who is Angela Merkel?

- GERMANY: The CDU - " Christlich-Demokratische Union " - yet exists! In spite of a shaky Protestant chancellor, from a Christian view point of view, some Christian components inside the party yet are maintaining themselves, and with strength. Let's talk first about Angela Merkel herself. In order to know that she really is, it may be useful to take a glance at her friends. Let's have a look at three of them. 1) At the time of the fall of the wall, Angela was promoted by a certain lawyer called Wolfgang Schnur, a dangerous man, because he was officer of the Stasi (secret police of EAST GERMANY), section "Infiltration and destruction of Church groups". He founded the party "Democratic Construction" in which his friend Angela entered. Later on, this party rejoined the CDU, and so began the career of the submarine Angela in Helmut Kohl's party who called her a little ambiguously "das Mädchen" (the girl). 2) Who are her girlfriends? First Friede Springer, chief of the trust of the SPRINGER media of which the sadly famous Bild-Zeitung, printed daily in several millions of copies and champion of vulgarity and sex, conducts the populo "on the right" (which right?). The career of Friede Springer looks like a hit-story, directly out of her low storey newspaper: she entered as a nurse into the family of the Chairman of the Springer trust, aged 30 years more than herself... becoming quickly his concubine and finally his 5th wife. When her husband - media king and famous free mason - died in 1985, she simply took his place in the trust. Since she is chasing from the CDU, while putting pressure to the developments by her Bild-Zeitung, everyone who doesn't please her in this party, especially good Christians (systematically decried as "antisemitic", like the CDU MP Martin Hohmann who had recalled awkwardly during an official speech in 2003 - and distancing himself from this quotation - , that the president of FORD, Henry Ford, had stigmatized in 1920 the Jews as "world Bolsheviks"; Hohmann especially fought against the "dictatorship of relativism", accused nowadays by Benedict XVI as a major plague of mankind). 3) Another girlfriend of Angela is Elisabeth Mohn, with a quite similar career: at 17, she entered as telephone operator into the powerful media group Bertelsmanns (books, television) where she became the concubine of Chairman Reinhard Mohn, 37, married. Twenty-four years later she succeeded in becoming his wife... and later in replacing him at the top of the trust. Thanks to friends of this caliber, Angela Merkel has the support of the media in Germany, and the CDU is for almost nothing in this success. Merkel belongs to the movement "Atlantik-Brücke" (Bridge of the Atlantic), close to the FM organizations Trilateral and Bilderberg; she participates herself in the Bilderberg meetings. - Let's come to our topic: yes, the Christian CDU yet exists. Under the mediatic, mondialistic, freemason, feminist and now "big-coalitionary" CDU of Angela, a Christian blaze, or even sudden fires whose sparks sometimes escape from the politically correct, do survive. On May 21st, Mrs. Margarete Ziegler-Raschdorf, of the CDU Hessen, declared in Berlin at the time of a pro-life congress that certain secret negotiations between the CDU and the SPD, yet united in the present "coalition government", had lately lead to a clash. These negotiations concerned a proposition of the CDU to forbid by law the "late abortions", i.e. the ferocious abortions of embryos of 4 to 9 months age, as they are always exercised in the United States. In fact in Germany they are forbidden, except in the case of abortions "for medical reasons" (for ex. deformation of the baby's body). The CDU wanted to finish with this horrible exception while abolishing abortion completely after the 3rd month of pregnancy, what is already an inadmissible compromise, because all abortion is a crime against humanity and a major offense to the Creator. The Socialists of the SPD - unconditional gravediggers of all embryos - didn't like this at all. Finally the SPD proposed to the main negotiator of the CDU, Mr. Volker Kauder, chief of the CDU in the Bundestag, a fatal deal: the SPD would let pass the proposition of the CDU, provided that the latter one would vote for the proposition of the SPD to anchor the right of homosexual cohabitation in the German federal Constitution. At this precise moment Mr. Kauder is said to have broken abruptly the negotiations. Bravo! - (ru; cf. KN May 25, KUR 05/2006)



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