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- EUROPE: Prohibition of the big church organs by Brussels? It looks so. A European guideline of 2002 orders that all electric devices which are put in general utilization from July 1st, 2006 - i.e. very soon - must not contain more than 0.1 percent of lead, mercury or cadmium. However, the manufacturers of organs inform us that organ pipes include up to 50 percent of lead, in order to obtain the famous and desired tonality. Up to now, nobody seemed to realize that this verdict also concerns church organs, which are nowadays all motor driven. A question to the European Commission revealed the trouble. This one answered that manufacturers of organs could naturally ask Brussels for any exception to the rule (this didn't happen up to now); and, anyway, this guideline would only be applied to new constructions, and not at all to existing organs or to their repair works. Heaven, we hardly escaped. The next time, with these allwise and useless guys of Brussels, they will arrive to their intended goal: only will be allowed the Mass with guitar and soul music, the best means to hunt the last faithful from the churches. Goodbye to Bach, Mozart, and Händel! All this because of the poor modern(ist) liturgy, guide and slave of the E.U.!... - (ru; cf. DD Apr. 13)


- ENGLAND: The biggest mosque of all times and all places will be constructed in London. For 70,000 people! For comparison: Saint Peter's square in Rome can contain 60,000 faithful only... All in this project is gigantic: - Price? 150 millions Euro (sic), - Surface? 50,000 m2! - Appendices? A full-fledged hotel, restaurants, a library... - Reason to be? The Olympic games to come! - Architect? The Moslem Indian Ali Mangera. - Name? "Islamic Gardens"! - Financing? Obscure. Only is known the entrepreneur: the Islamic Indian organization "Tablighi Jamaat" that presents itself as "non-political", and above all as "humanitarian"... Rumors say that, between the donnors, there is the British Treasure, "foreign investors", and above all the European Union, ready to sprawl in the dust in front of the Islamis as soon as the opportunity presents itself. The mosque will be ready in 2012, in time for the Olympic Games. But as for the Eiffel tower, erected for the World exhibition in 1889, it won't be destroyed after the Games, naturally. Nobody is specifying for the moment where will be concealed the weapon rooms.... Poor E.U.! - (ru; cf. DD Apr. 13)


- FRANCE: The association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) communicates that, please, it's not recommended to send to the association woolen baby wear which of the hand-knitted type, for the babies they are saving from abortion. In fact, says the association, those garments are not pleasing to the often very young mothers. They seem to them old and out-fashioned, and they don't dare to dress their babies with such traditional clothes, which are manufactured often - with a lot of love - in the colors blue for boys, and rose for girls. SOS MOTHERS adds that it's not up to her to impose such or such fashion taste to the mothers, but that they respect their tastes, as contrary as they may be to their own preferences. The role of SOS MOTHERS would limit itself strictly to rescueing the life of their babies granting to the mothers some love and assistance, says the somewhat disconcerting communique, and not the propagation of such or such fashion taste. If one wants to help the mothers, it would be better to send vests and other baby cloths, either printed or in "patch", in various materials and in modern colors, or even better to send some money for the mothers to allow them to procure themselves for their babies what they like. - This statement lets us dazzled if one thinks that many "pro-life" associations exhaust themselves in the collection and the consignment of hundreds of packages to mothers in difficulty, not realizing that they don't often encourage the daily life of those mothers, but rather complicate it. Several among them returned to SOS MOTHERS the received woolen baby stuff, others don't generally dare to do this in order not to offend the persons who fabricated it with their hands, considering the love with which such wear has been knitted. "Henceforth, says SOS MOTHERS, we shall redirect baby wear of ancient style towards our 'Green house' in Georgia (Caucasus) where the mothers are thankful for everything, not asking for anything in particular." - SOS MOTHERS saved up to now, in 11 years of work in France and in eastern Europe, 274 babies from abortion, of which 41 are yet to be born. Address for packages or donations: SOS MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, 95210 Saint-Gratien, France. - (ru; Jdb Ap. 24)

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