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RU 13/2006 - USA, SPAIN

- USA: In the United States, war came up between the Catholics and the powerful car manufacturer FORD MOTOR COMPANY; it's the boycott! The affair developed in 4 phases. No firm of automobiles made as much in favor of the gay community as FORD and its subsidiaries VOLVO, JAGUAR and LAND ROVER: they sponsor parades like "Gay Pride" (for example the one of London in 2005), finance especially conceived advertisements for the homosexual public, and grant donations of hundreds of thousands of Dollars particulary to the top groups of defense of the homosexuals in the United States and elsewhere. Thomas Anderson, vice-president of Volvo Cars North America, a division of Ford Motor Company, declared: "For us, it was very natural to address gay families. We're targeting people with modern day values (!). It's a value set and the Volvo-minded consumer is very diverse. 'Family' is much more than the traditional family." Finally, this policy of pro-gay marketing became essential to Ford: often the price discounts for their automobiles was of 1000 Dollars and more for the selected and pampered homosexual clients, especially for the new 'gay bridegrooms'. It was without counting with the reaction of the American Catholics who, through their pro-life fights, had won during the last decades a considerable combativeness. - Here is the second phase: in May 2005, the Catholics, by their powerful AFA (American Family Association) and 44 other pro-family organizations, announced that they would organize during one year a national boycott against Ford. AFA sent its letter of war declaration to 2200 sellers of Ford over the whole country. It was a thunder clap, forcing Ford Motor Company to the negociation table. The Catholics asked Ford to remain neutral and not to encourage the homosexuals expressly in the present "cultural fight". To some protesters of the boycott, the Catholics answered: "Ford has every right to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups promoting homosexual marriage. But those who oppose homosexual marriage have every right not to buy automobiles made by Ford Motor Company". Finally Ford obtained from the Catholic association AFA a suspension of the boycott during 6 months, in order "to give time to think about what to do". The boycott suspension agreement was signed by several prominent personalities of the Ford group, i.e. Ziad Ojaki, group vice-president for corporate affairs, David Leitch, senior vice-president and general counsel of the group, as well as Jerry Reynolds, chief of a powerful Ford dealer office in the Dallas area. All this lead to a final meeting on November 28th, 2005, where FORD and AFA signed an agreement in 4 points,: 1) Ford would not make any more favors to the homosexual groups in the form of purchase discounts on cars ; 2) Ford would not make any more donations to organizations which make the promotion of unions or marriages between homosexuals; 3) Ford would not exercise anymore the patronage of "Gay Pride" parades; 4) Ford would quit all advertisements in magazines, televisions, radios and Internet sites of homosexuals (with only one exception: Volvo could continue to invest up to 100,000 Dollars in its advertisements in the media, but without advertising texts targeting specifically this community). - And here is the 3rd phase which started recently: following the immense protests and attacks of the "gay community", Ford cracked and came back on its engagements. But this time, it's Bill Ford himself, the president of Ford Motor Company, who accepted the diktats of the homosexuals. He denounced the agreement which had been signed with AFA and committed himself to the principle that ALL divisions and subsidiaries of Ford, and not only some of them, would support the homo media by advertisements. Following the demand of the gays, he accepted to write a public letter underlining that he would continue Ford's "strong support" of the homosexual groups. This time, things are going much farther: Ford organizes in its establishments "diversity training" classes to which the employees are forced to attend. In these courses, only the homosexual side has the word, with the goal to make accept their "specific sexual tendency"; in one word, there is no "diversity" at all in those classes. - 4th phase: AFA, with the signature of 18 other American pro-family organizations has just declared the boycott of all FORD cars. A thing which is forbidden by law in France, yet known as the country of the Rights of Man (in fact the Homo Rights). In any case, no one can henceforth oblige the Catholics to buy a car from FORD HOMO(tor) COMPANY. - (ru; cf. LSN Mar. 14)


- SPAIN: It was known that Prime Minister Zapatero is fanatically red, anti-Catholic and pro-gay. But now he became mad. He forbids the terms "father" and "mother" in the legislation while giving thus the proof that the homosexual unions are indeed anti-family. In 2005 a law promulgated the legality of marriages "between people of the same sex", yet only 500 couples formed themselves in the frame of this new law: a minute minority! But the government's sectarian support is total. They went up to grant them the right to adopt children, a yet extraordinary thing in the rest of Europe. The supreme argument of the Socialists: the family changed with the times, and so does marriage. And on March 3rd, 2006, the Spanish Government decreed that the babies are henceforth to be recorded in the civil registers and in the family record books, while designating the father by "parent A", and the mother by parent "B". The words father and mother are henceforth outdated, out-of-law. Nothing less that that! Soon one will have "Grand-A" and "Grand-B"... It doesn't prevent the Government to call itself "fundamentally pro-family". It seems that even the feminist and lesbian associations refuse this new anti-family decree. Catholic Spain, where are you going? - (ru; cf. LSN March 10)

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