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- GERMANY: The Catholic daily PRESENT/Paris published last week the numbers of births in Germany over the last decades, demonstrating crucially its present mass suicide: 1,360,000 births in 1964 (economic miracle); 905,675 babies in 1990 (reunification), 685,000 in 2005. And this in spite of the Yugoslavian, Turkish and other immigration which, for some time, held up the fall of births. Today, even the immigrants in Germany don't want babies, sharing with the rest of the population to the cult of the golden veal: radicalized selfish materialism. Thus, 62 years after its conception, the diabolic "Morgenthau project" for Germany - solemnly signed by Roosevelt and Churchill on September 15th, 1944 in Quebec - is being achieved: i.e. to make disappear "over a period of 20 years" the population and to make change Germany into a vast field of wheat for the rest of Europe. Let's pray for Germany! - (ru; cf. PR March 17)

- France: Since two weeks the demonstrations of the "youths" against the governmental "first job project" (CPE), judged too "precarious", turn into organized revolutionary riots. It's no more dealing about the first job project, it's henceforth about beating the cops, even the whole society. Some monstrous calls emerge on Internet in favour of insurrection and murder of policemen. On Wednesday March 22nd, "animalized gangs" penetrated into the "Charts Library" (100,000 volumes) at Sorbonne university; they were partly thrown on the sidewalks of the neighbourhood and burnt right in front of the chapel of the Sorbonne. Those charters originate from ancient abbeys around Paris, in which were consigned all official documents of property etc. since the Medium Age, some of these books, manuscripts and charts having more than 1000 years of age. Even the Maoist Guards during the Cultural Revolution in China had set up, around the temples and other ancient monuments, special units of protection against the raids of the revolutionary youngsters in order to protect them from being robbed and burnt. But in France, country of the Human Rights without God, and of Tolerance up to the free assassination of babies, one tolerates everything. Cars burn in Paris all over again, lachrymatory clouds are floating over the Quartier Latin (French Quarter), the sirens howl, and every day things are getting worse: the classic revolutionary process. One would say, 1968 is back, or even 1789, except that the squads don't look anymore for the bones of the Saints in order to burn and dissipate them in the Seine, since this has already been done by their predecessors. But this doesn't prevent the youngsters to proceed in other barbarian ways: during the fight of the night of March 16th, for example, there were only 9 rioters injured in the crowd of demonstrators, but 47 policemen have been hospitalized. The next day, Minister Nicolas Sarkozy called only one side - the police - "to more moderation". What we are thinking about the lethargy and cowardice of the Government, let's not talk about it, it's simply an abuse of power. But the insurrectionary attitude of the "students" merits some considerations. In the year 1985, again in China, representatives of a French manufacturing Company of metallurgic equipment gave to the Peking authorities a proposal of a "highly automatized factory" of latest technology for the transformation of aluminum. The line of the extrusion press, for example, required 3 operators only, where earlier about 15 operators and helpers were necessary. Achievement: less mistakes of manipulation and accidents of work, more regular quality, and above all more production. The Chinese, after 1 week of negotiation, asked the French delegation to go home and to modify their offer while foreseeing 20 operators instead of the 3 proposed, "because we have a lot of people to occupy". This is only an example, the world of work overflows with the phenomenon of automation. There will always be less human work, and more quality and production what is in itself a marvel. But here is the problem: the number of men being as high as everyone knows, humanity will henceforth necessarily be divided into two parts: on one hand some who work hard and in a highly qualified way, with good payment, and on the other hand a mass of unqualified "jobless people" who permanently need the care of social services. The matter which today's "youngsters" don't want to face, is that this evolution cannot be avoided. It's necessary to make personal efforts in order to be in the first lot of men, those who work hard. It's necessary to face the "delicacy of situation", the risk of first enrollment, the necessity to provide an absolutely fine work. This emulation and risk, they don't want it. They are already "old", too accustomed to an overall security of their existence. There is no room in their life for adventure, achievements, projects towards which one would rush. They lost THE TASTE OF LIFE. Result: disgust and hate! A mere nothing is sufficient to make explode those "youngsters". In May 1968 it was an academic guideline forbidding the access of male students to the sleeping rooms of female students, which made explose universities and cities; in 2006 the sexual liberty is already "acquired", and it's the governmental "first job offer" - instead of no work at all - that provokes the savageries of the youths. Tomorrow one will kill free, without reason, and whomsoever. It has been revealed that "75% of the 15 to 30 years old in France would like to become civil servants." Ah, the fine adventurers! Life like grandfather, lifelong secured job, small salary but big tranquillity! This old youth is in the process of becoming socially disabled people for their lifetime, leaving dad-mom only for the milk bottle of the State which becomes omni-providential, in other words: the Soviet State of Stalin. And the Holy Spirit in all that? Forgotten! It's the desolation, said already the prophets. - (ru; cf. LBAN March 20; RC March 22).

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