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RU 05/2008 - CHINA becoming cannibalist?

CHINA: There one eats human foetus, for 40 USD on the menu. It’s Mark Miravalle, professor of Theology and of Mariology at the Franciscan university of Steubenville/Ohio who, after a travelling to the Chinese provinces, reports this horrible fact in his recent book “The Seven Sorrows of China” (Queenship Publications, 9.95 USD). Miravalle reports about the opening of 5 restaurants in the region “X”, with a particular menu: a “foetal soup”, proposed for 300 Yuan a bowl (approximately 40 USD). Recent medical publications in China put forward the exceptional health benefit for the consuming of “foetal remainders” (this jargon allows them to overlook what this really is – unborn baby bodies). Chinese businessmen jumped on the opportunity: they created a menu of particular attraction for modern rich businessmen, because 40 USD is an enormous sum for common Chinese people. It’s true that the Chinese Government closed the Internet sites which made publicity for these restaurants, fearing that this could harm the reputation of the People’s Republic in the eyes of other countries and of big business, and especially in order not to jeopardize the glorious Olympic Games which must prove to the world that modern China is “new, democratic and open-minded”. But the slogans engage only the people who read them. - This is the result of 60 years of Communism reigning as an absolute dictator. It’s the fruit of extreme banalization of abortion which ended up by first killing each second baby, and second, by killing the consciences. In China, abortion isn’t associated with anything bad, it’s an act which is more banal than a visit to the dentist, or a diarrhoea. Each woman is going through that, because the 2nd baby is prohibited by the State. Today in China, the maternal womb, naturally man’s most secure location, became the most dangerous place for the babies. In the big cities, one cannot have a 2nd child. In the farming regions, if the first child is a girl, one can sometimes obtain to try for a boy, since boys are needed in the farm, but the interval between the 2 babies must be at least 5 years, and it is the municipality which prescribes the year and the month when the farmer couple can try for a 2nd baby. If by misfortune a couple gets a 2nd baby without governmental certificate, six alternatives arise, according to the decision of the municipal service called “population control”: a) the “caring” medical personnel immediately injects a poison into the uterus to make die the child; b) the couple must pay a fine which pressurizes them for the remainder of their life; c) their house is burned down; d) the interior equipment of their house is entirely dismounted and evacuated, including windows and doors, “except for the kitchen table”; E) the couple both lose their jobs; F) the newborn receives neither identity card, nor Social Security card, nor schooling card, condemning it to roaming around for the rest of his life without citizenship. - Mr. Miravalle was able to interview a bishop of the Chinese underground Church. This one had spent 20 years in prison, “like all my colleagues in the episcopate”. The bishop entrusted this concern to him: “In the last few years, my people are being affected with a secular, wordly idea of happiness, that they can find their ultimate happiness in this life. They have lost their desire for prayer and sacrifice. This is an even greater danger than the Communist government.” Let’s recall that Communism - resulting from the utopias of a certain German Karl Marx deceased of syphilis - and Capitalism - resulting from Freemasonry - are western products. The first one destroyed the noble Chinese heart, created and beloved by God, and now it’s the second one which starts its fatal work in China. “Only Mary, by her powerful intercession, can save China”, exclaimed the bishop, “as it has been announced in the terrible battle in the Apocalypse, between the Woman and the Dragon”.  - (ru; cf Feb. 1, 2008)

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