RU 52/2008 - FRANKREICH, keine Weihnachtspause?

Special edition (3 pages)

FRANCE. - No truce of Christmas for S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC). Here is an extract of the “Log book” of this association for direct rescue of babies from abortion. 

“Monday, November 3, 2008

Mr P.G. (dep.13) writes to us: “Each one of your logbooks brings us major emotions. You touch closely the terrible distress caused by our demoniac society which favours the human mischief ! Your accounts draw tears from the hardest hearts, and blood from stones!” Dear Sir, we do nothing special. We simply try to open our eyes to the `signs' which the Good Lord is sending to our time, for thinking them over and acting.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hectic weekend! The day before yesterday we conveyed a girl slave, Mara, from an Asian embassy in Berlin, 15 ½ years old, completely ravaged by sexual violence - and pregnant by rape - to Paris (by rent car in order to avoid controls). She’s originating from the Indian Ocean. We looked after here, and moved her out of France, by security measure, to one of the Benelux countries where is living one of our sheltering families. Total cost of this rescue operation within 48 hours: 839 Euro. Now she can be looked after, take a long rest and carry in peace her baby. - During that time we had, in parallel, a very urgent case in Paris: Karina, a young Russian girl aged 20, with broken bones (3 fractures) received by violence at the time of a rape with sexual maltreatment by 3 hooligans. The girl had been invited from Russia to be a Russian `repetitioner' in Paris, but in fact she found herself in a brothel. She’s pregnant. We met her it in the street, disfigured, poorly cared for. We brought her first to a Parisian hospital for medical care, and then towards one of our sheltering families on the Riviera coast. There she is in peace. She’s graduate in languages. Cost of this rescue operation - baby and mother: 214 Euro. - It should be mentioned that the Good Lord sent to us, in the beginning of S.O.S MOTHERS (1995), less hard cases - we wouldn’t have considered them ‘less hard’ at the time -, but does it not become evident that, with the time progressing and experience advancing, He wants to lavish us ? We are like in the school of God. May He carry out what He wishes, even if it looks hard.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We received this day a support check accompanied by a sincere short note, from JCB (dep. 78): “Dear friends, thank you for your action, thank you for your log book (which comforts us and makes us ashamed of ourselves). Be blessed!” It’s God who should be thanked for everything, dear Sir. Deo gratias! - Today 2 other dramatic cases: two sisters of 15 and 13 years - because of their complicate names let’s call them Lala 1 and Lala 2 -, Indo/Maghrebian metisses, pregnant, give us an urgent call from an abortion hospital where a perverse uncle had led them for aborting their babies - after-effects of the repeated rapes which he committed on his two nieces. They had our confidential phone number from another girl whom we had already saved. (This is our mobile phone number used only for S.O.S MOTHERS.) We succeed in helping her to escape from the hospital. We eat together at MacDo (that’s what they like, so all the worse) to restore them. We put tchadors on their heads for hiding their identity, but where to place them? Temporarily with a friend in the Paris suburb area, while waiting for a miracle solution from the Good Lord. - Somebody asked us: and if the abortion was prohibited one day in France, would you close S.O.S MOTHERS? Good question, even if it’s a little unrealistic for our period. Our answer: No! Because if the abortion was prohibited, how many young girls and future mothers would commit suicide, by lack of the presence of a Good Samaritan in situations which appear to them to be  humanly inextricable and hopeless? Thus S.O.S MOTHERS would continue to help the pregnant girls and ladies, which proves that the abortion is only a drop in a sea of crimes, sins, lack of love, premature sexuality, divorces, cohabitations, heinous behaviours, prostitution, slavery, selfishness…. How many dramas in the `families'! The marvellous thing in our rescue work of babies is that this one is the motor and the turbo of a whole curing process of this sick society: around the baby light comes up, everyone starts to love, to sacrifice and to forget himself. And that creates flames, lighting up other sparks which are unaware of themselves. Soon a flaring blaze?  “The Spirit blows where He wants”, revealed Jesus to us.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As to the young girls Lala 1 and Lala 2 (see above under Nov. 12), we finally found a definite lodging to them during their pregnancy, after one week of provisional lodging. Guess who is taking them? Well, it’s our pleasant little lady in Normandy who, returned home from the hospital with the assurance that she has a bad cancer, announced that she is ready to accommodate again our pregnant women. One can only incline oneself in front of such a charity. God be praised!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Already one week ago we had met Ilonka, from Hungary. She was disfigured by punches received from her French boyfriend who, as he is already married, did not want the baby that he had conceived with her. We had led her to the hospital to care for her. Today: once again! Since his lover knows her address, he came to her place and punched again her face and body, this time she had a broken arm, and blue blotches everywhere. Again hospital, care, and return. It’s now absolutely necessary that we find another lodging for her, to put her in safety from that `buddy'. Gradually we have a clearer idea of the lowness of certain men, at an unimaginable degree. It would be necessary indeed, one day, to create S.O.S DADS… which would function with an unusual operational means: a baseball stick! You will say: where is the Christian outlook in this diatribe? And we answer: didn't Jesus Himself say from certain ones: “I will vomit them”? Of course, he spoke about the tepid ones, but what would he have said about those rotten men? - Another serious case of today: Vesna, 20, pregnant. She strays around in a public garden. Blood reddens its clothing near the shoulder, and one of her hands is wrapped with an enormous bandage, which fact induces us to approach her. She is Serb and received this night 2 stabs “from the family”, because she’s pregnant: one in the shoulder, and the other one in the hand. It’s problematic to bring her to a hospital: the personnel is obliged, in cases of stabbing wounds, to take contact with the police, and Vesna is terribly afraid to be forced back to her family. So we visit a private physician who is very discrete. He looks perfectly after her. We buy some clothing for her, and also some restaurant tickets (MacDo, it’s not expensive and it’s what they like at that age) and subway tickets. After 4 nights in hotel (4 x 35 Euro), while changing each night the hotel - so much she’s afraid -, we are able to reason her and bring her to friends in Normandy. Now she can quietly await her baby.

Friday, December 5, 2008

We meet Lubliana, Russian, 18 years old, who arrived 3 months ago to France, pregnant since 1 month, prostitute under the cover of 3 men, of which two terrible guys from Albania. She dies of fear, and worse: she has something like contractions, perhaps by anguish? We bring her to the doctor for care, then we help her to escape, by sending her to the Cote-d'Azur, initially with a family which is already experienced, in order to permit her to breathe and take courage, and then to a new sheltering lady in the south of France. Everything is fine now. However, there was a false note: the van in which she was supposed to travel to the south, was burglarized during the night before the departure from Paris: broken door and windshield. We help the conveying family with 200 Euro for the van repair, and so they could leave. Deo gratias!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mrs. J.K. (Bretagne) writes the following lines to us: ”I send you enclosed a small check so that you can continue your work near the endangered mothers and babies. Your log book shows your and their difficulties in France and elsewhere. There is enough stuff to get discouraged, so I admire you very much because you do not lose courage, and I find this wonderful and thank you for it.” However, dear Madam, we are sometimes tempted to get discouraged, but there are battles where you cannot move back. Since we have now the contact with the pregnant women who are confronted with abortion, to move back would mean `to walk over the bodies', which is unthinkable for our teams. The only possibility is to escape forwards, towards the always increasing charity of Jesus, by letting Him work through us if and when He wants it. We also realize that we enter here into a kind of plan of divine economy: each rescue is a conversion from the evil towards the good, and this is surely counterbalanced somewhere by a pious and generous heart which offers itself, and ultimately obtained from the Mercy of God by Jesus suffering on the cross. How to move back under such conditions? Impossible mission. - Concurrently to all that, we had during this month of December 12 births, i.e. babies saved towards the beginning of this year. Here is the list of these babies, each time heartily welcomed by our assistant ladies at the time of a visit to the maternity, with flowers, chocolates, a first cuddly toy and a birth premium of 225 Euros (promised to the future mother at the time of the rescue): Maria - Izabella - Laure - Lucia - Yuanna - Nicolai - Zoe - Pearl - Ivan - Christian - Carolina - Kristoffer. It’s the formidable premium of joy which we collect after each rescue of a mother: within less than 9 months a baby is born, an absolutely beautiful and innocent baby, in the arms of a little happy mother. As if Creation started again from zero. Gloria in excelsis Deo! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Christmas ‘gift’? The worst story we ever lived. A friend nurse of the neighbourhood of Paris calls us, and makes us meet a French `mother' who wants to sell the embryo of her daugher Odile who is 17 years old. The `mother' speaks to us about 5000 Euro to pay if we want to release the baby. `To release'? An incredible story. She is selling the baby of her daughter to old Englishman, living in England and France, who suffers from Alzheimer. This man has an infernal project: he wants, according to what he says, to have permanently a drug baby beside him, either to cure his disease by `the umbilical cord' at the moment of the birth, or later on by the remainder of the body of the living baby (?). The 17 year old girl, against 5000 Euro paid by the Englishman to the `terrible mother', would come to live near his home in England, would give birth to the baby AND WOULD GIVE IT UP FOR ALWAYS TO STAY NEAR THE OLD MAN, while she herself would return to her mother - without the baby. Our arms are falling. This is not a case of abortion, but perhaps worse: of a baby which is spiritually still-born, since it is totally rendered slave. The project could seem like the result of the phantasms of an old sick man, but the `price' of sale of the baby of 5000 Euro is quite real, and the departure of the girl towards England is imminent. We bitterly discuss with this `terrible mother' who does not want to give up her deal, nor to lower the price of `release' equivalent to the sum agreed upon between her and the old man. We make it clear that we could make 10 monthly payments to her, of 500 Euro each, and as a proof we immediately give her the first 500 Euro, cash. The girl, completely frightened, manages to fix a secret appointment with us, in spite of the monitoring by her mother. We help her to flee and to go to one of our sheltering families - far from Paris (and we will definitely forget the 9 other monthly payments, a promise under constraint being nul and void). - Until where is it necessary that we follow our little mothers in their misery, their yoke, their prison? Until where will us lead the meanders of abortion, of the ultimate contempt of life?  We realize more and more that the cause of the assassination of the babies IS NOT THEIR mothers, but very often those who are around her. Thus, for S.O.S MOTHERS, our task is to save the babies as well as their mothers from a world which has become pestilent. - But for today, let’s rejoice! A baby is saved, by the grace of a God descended to a crib! Merry Christmas!” 

End of quotation - Your possible gifts can be addressed to: S.O.S MOTHERS (UNEC), BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, France, Ph./fax/resp. 0033- (0) 134120268,, - (ru)


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