VATICAN (ru, April 21st, 2010): It’s well known that God has much humour, for example in putting haughty Europe into a tremendous chaos by means of an old volcano on an island lost in the Atlantic. But we know less than, at the Vatican City too, there is much humour. The press agency ZENIT reveals some stories on this behalf, recalling some anecdotes of the canonist and reformer pope Benedict XIV who reigned over the Church from 1740 to 1758. One day, an ambassador asked him why the Church would not split up the Lent into 4 equal periods of 10 days, at the beginning of each season, in order to alleviate a bit his austerity? The pope replied: "The Church could well have done so, but she didn’t, because it was to be feared that the people would celebrate 4 times Carnival, and wouldn’t observe one single time Lent! » - At another occasion he could not avoid to attend a concert with a long and boring music. When asked about his opinion, he did not hesitate to say: “I think that sometimes deafness may also be a grace of God! » - Another day Benedict XIV listened to a sermon, but he had the impression of having already read this text somewhere. During the sermon a dog began to bark loudly, and the master of pontifical ceremonies ordered to silence the animal. But the pope intervened "Leave the dog barking, it’s just his duty to chase the thief ! » - A cardinal who felt ill, sent a message to Benedict XIV asking him for his blessing, since he believed this would heal him more rapidly. The pope replied: “I send you with all my heart my blessing, but I recommend you also to take some cinchona ! » - An old monk, at a private audience with Benedict XIV, complained with tears in his eyes, that a terrible tragedy had happened on earth. "But what happened? » , asked the pope. "Holy Father, I had the revelation that the anti-Christ is already born. » - "And what age is he? ," asked the pope. "Three and a half years," answered the monk. "Well, in this case, it concerns my successor ! » And the people who admired him for his science and character, the pope loved to answer, with an embarrassed air: "Yes, I’m a little like those statues on the facade of Saint Peter cathedral : from far they are looking pretty well, but do not look closely ! » - (cf. Zenit Feb. 15th, 2010)

- FRANCE (ru, April 21st, 2010) : there is a monastery in France which is little known, but which surely is extraordinary in God’s sight. It is a small convent in the village Le Blanc, in the diocese of Bourges, founded in 1985 and recognized canonically in 1990. Here are living seven "Little Sisters of the Disciples of the Lamb", of whom five are trisomic. The two valid sisters care for the five other ones, living in one community with them. The prioress explains: "Our congregation exists to allow those who have the last place in the world, to occupy in the Church the unique place of brides of Jesus Christ", and still: "…to allow those whose life is in danger by the culture of death, to witness by their consecration of the Gospel of Life". As to herself, the prioress explains: "We live poverty by putting ourselves at their disposal. » And further: "They are our masters in abandonment, in confidence, in pardon, and in contemplation. » A journalist of the periodical FAMILLE CHRETIENNE had, some years before, the following interview with one of the trisomic sisters: "Sister Veronica, what is your favourite prayer? - I am going to the chapel all days. - For doing what there? – This is my secret. - You can meet anyone there? - Jesus and Mary. – You see Jesus ? – Yes, I feel Him in me, here (knocking on her chest). I see Him with my heart. I recognize His voice. - He is with you? - All the time, wherever I am. - There is a time when you encounter Him more specifically? - The mass. That’s what I prefer. And to pray alone, before and after." - And what to say about the fact that in France 97% of trisomic babies are exterminated before birth? We are monsters! Jesus said: " Woe to those who give scandal to the small ones; it would be preferable that a millstone be fixed to their neck and that they perish in the water! » - The Prioress of Le Blanc says that other young trisomic girls are knocking at their door, but that vocations of valid sisters are missing to welcome them. - (Cf. Lifesitenews March 30th, 2010 ; Famille Chretienne Oct. 1st, 2005 ; and this video: “”

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