RU 02/2010 - FRANCE, urgent appel from AMEN

FRANCE (ru, Jan. 18th,  2010): Today the Christian party AMEN published the following urgent appeal.

Text: "Dear members and friends of AMEN, you are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for having agreed to be candidates on THE CHRISTIAN LIST, for the regional elections in the Paris area in March 2010. We recall that this list is the cooperative fruit of two groups which are both 100% pro-life : AMEN and SOLIDARITY-FRANCE, the only two groups who dare to enter, by the big door of the elections, into the political theatre, in order to shout there, loudly and clearly, in the very center of the nest of vipers where the anti-life and anti-family laws are plotted and decided, the ‘silent cry’ of all those who are stifled, sucked, shredded, and crushed within the womb of their mothers. An inconceivable, unspeakable and criminal monstrosity ! Yes, we must shout, right into the figure of all those ministers, parliament members, judges, physicians, police officers, social workers and other accomplices: "You are murderers !", like Jonas in the Old Testament who shouted, on behalf of God, right before the walls of Nineveh - and Nineveh converted itself!

Here is, in the present stage, the list of the candidates provided by AMEN (and SOS MOTHER/UNEC) on THE CHRISTIAN LIST to be submitted to the voter in Paris and its surrounding cities:

Mr and Mrs Roger AIVAZIAN – Mr François-Marie ALGOUD – Mr Bernard BATT – Mrs Sandra BELMONTE – Mrs Claude BIANCARDINI - Miss Yvonne BONGERT – Mrs Philippe BORNET – Miss Florence BOUCHY PICON – Mr Frederic BOURDET – Mrs Florence BOULANGER – Mrs Veronique BOYER – Mrs Anne BRASSIE – Mr Jean-Claude BREUIL – Mrs Janie BRUN – Mr Jacques BUREL – Mr François BUREL – Mr Jean Alexandre CHEVALLIER – Mrs Monique CHOPY – Dr. Albert COLLET - Mrs Christine DANIAU – Mrs Marie-Alix DESCROIX – Dr. Elisabeth ESCAFFRE – Mrs Michele FEBVRE – Mr Andre FOULET – Mr Gonzague du FOUSSAT – Mr Joseph GAILLARD – Mrs Chantal GAYMARD – Mr Patrick GUINET – Miss Bernadette HARMEL – Mr Benjamin HAWECKER – Mr Sebastien LAURY – Mrs Paulette LEBLANC – Mrs Karin LEONHARDT – Mr and Mrs H. de LESPARDA – Mrs Marie-Noelle LIONNARD – Mr Raphael MAILLET – Mr Bertrand MARY – Mr Jean-Luc MEURET – Mr Fred MILLOT - Dr. Anne-Marie MORIN – Mr Philippe NADERMAN – Mrs Danielle PERROT – Mr Hubert du PUYTISON – Miss Michele REBOUL – Mrs Rose-Benedicte RECORDON – Mrs Monique RIVAL – Mrs Jacqueline ROBERT – Mr Maurice de SAINTE-MARIE – Mr and Mrs Marc SILLARD – Miss Suzanne de SOYE - Mr Vincent TANAZACQ – Mrs Madeleine THABUIS – Mr Alain TOULZA.

This is courageous and admirable from your side. The forgotten babies will be infinitely grateful to you, and they will wait for you on the threshold of Paradise when the day D and the hour H will come for each of us. What's more beautiful than to have struggled for a baby in danger of death, the same one whom O.L. Jesus identified with Himself: ‘Everything you have done to the smallest one of my brothers, it is to Me that you have done it". Who is smaller than the one in the womb of his mother? And this other word, so fundamental to our CHRISTIAN LIST: "He who will not be ashamed of Me before men, I also shall not be ashamed of him before My Father.”
Be proud, as your name will appear under the word CHRISTIAN in all voting offices of the Paris area, and in countless mailboxes, whoever their owners are: Christians or pagans, friends or enemies of Christ, abortionists or humble servants of Life given by God. Your name will not only appear on a miserable voting ballot, but - infinitely more important - in the book of Life in heaven. We are even particularly proud of certain candidates who are stamped "mentally disabled » by the society. They are the first ones in the kingdom of God. So it’s quite natural that they are also on our list. When the King Baudouin IV of the Francs, reigning over the Holy Land from 1175 to 1185, a leper, made himself carry on a stretcher in front of his Christian army, during the Muslim attack of Jerusalem by the formidable Saladin, the latter one, seeing the humility of this man of God before his eyes, preferred to abandon the battle and returned home with his army. Through the humble and small way of acting, AMEN will succeed in overcoming abortion in France.

By adding to our 57 current candidates those collected up to now by our partner SOLIDARITY-FRANCE, we arrive to 110 candidates, which is only half of the 225 candidates necessary to establish a list in the Paris region. The complete list must be handed over to the authorities, with the necessary attachments, by February 15th, 2010. Therefore only 1 small month remains to double the number of candidates of our list.

And those of you who are not yet registered, you have only a few days left, let’s say up to end of January, for giving us your consent by letter, fax, or email, to figure on our list, leaving us the first fortnight of February to finalise the candidature documents (a chore!). As soon as you have given us your agreement, we will send you the official application form, to be filled out and returned to us. You can also obtain this form on our site AMEN. Therefore: QUICKLY! Each day, the babies are outrageously thrown into the waste bins of abortion clinics in France and Europe. Every day counts for starting seriously the political battle against the killing of the babies, and for Life and family. We expect to receive your OK urgently. And if each of the actual candidates brings another candidate, our list will be complete, and Paris will discover, for the first time, a ballot called THE CHRISTIAN LIST, thanks to God and to you.

One last word to our dear candidates: if anyone criticizes you : "But who gives you the right to speak on behalf of the aborted babies?", please replicate immediately without shame, in the name of the babies: "And you, who gives you the right to kill them? »

Reminder: May be candidates all those who are French, major, and inhabitants in the Paris area (departments 75, 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94, and 95). » - End of quotation.

Signature of the press release: "AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 Saint-Gratien, France.
Phone/Fax : +33-(0)134120268, , “

-  O.A.M.D.G. -