RU 37/2009 - FRANCE, log book of Sos Mothers, "August"

FRANCE (ru, Sept. 14, 2009) : The association SOS MOTHERS (UNEC) just published an extract of its "logbook", concerning its rescues of babies in danger of abortion during August 2009. Quotation:

"Friday 7 August 2009
Lola, 16 years, pregnant. His boyfriend is Muslim. Today he wanted to throw her from the train to Paris by which they returned from vacation, because she had announced him his paternity… "If I don’t abort my baby, he will kill me…”, she whispered. We help immediately Lola who contacted us  very urgently by her handy, hiding her in a hotel room, paying for 3 nights and providing her some clothes and restaurant tickets, total 250 Euro. We must find a lodging solution for her, far away from this young criminal. This leads us to a harsh reflection: the responsibility of the man in abortion. In spite of Eve, Adam is the responsible one.
Lets first talk about the men in the Church. We have always considered that abortion is an inter-Catholic issue. If the Catholic hierarchy took the necessary measures (anti-pill preaches; promotion of the methods of natural birth regulation; solemn request that the death penalty – which is applied today in France exclusively to the babies - be henceforth applied to the pro-abortion deputies, judges, physicians and spouses ; excommunication of any perpetrator or defender of abortion...), the problem would be resolved, at least in countries such as France, where the majority of people, thanks to God, are Catholics. Since, our prayer to God that the Holy Father - face to this issue of 1.3 billion murders of human beings – may send to the monastery the recalcitrant bishops and replace them by courageous pro-life priests.
Then the ordinary men, the civilians. Yes, here also the role of the 'males' is predominant. They have perverted the women: the miracle of human regeneration which, by divine will, was meant to be the most beautiful image on earth of the inter-trinitary Life, has been changed by men into a nightmare. 2/3 of the women are today pure sex objects, hormone cows, cesspools of baby bodies, mass graves of human remains (a U.S. study revealed that each abortion leaves in each woman’s body 'traces' of each baby cut into pieces within her womb, as most abortions are done by curettage, i.e. hacking-up of the baby with a saw knife, and that women returned horrified from the toilet – please excuse this term - after having discerned a tiny finger or other baby remnants ...). As for the last death acquirement, called RU 486, it’s again mainly men who have cynically delegated to the women (under the pretext that they should be given 'free choice') to undertake all alone the abortion of her baby, while doctors wash their hands like Pontius Pilate and go to drink a beer in the pub. In fact, excuse again this detail: it’s up to her, at home, after having applied the RU 486, to pull the toilet water. That’s what mainly men have made out of the woman, of the Holy Immaculate Virgin, of the image of God , the WOMAN - whom God wanted to place before us in order to raise us up! There are no more words to describe what is happening under our eyes. Let's look back to Genesis and Apocalypsis ! Adam, yet endowed with force by the Creator, denatured Eve, masterpiece of the divine Creation. By abusing the apple of Eve, Adam attacked God and became none, a dwarf marked homo, an omelette.

However, instead of screaming endless lamentations, SOS MOTHERS chose to act, at the lowest level since nobody from the upper floors lends a helpful hand, saving baby by baby, immensely joyful task, even if this work is hard and sometimes very hard. When the vessel burns, this is not the moment to whimper, nor to gloss over the causes of the fire: you shouldn’t lose any second to save human lives. Our Lord, on the Cross, what has He done otherwise? He rescued us.
With our foundation AMEN (“Arretons le Massacre des Enfants a Naitre = Stop the Massacre of the unborn children) we have created a prophetic tool, in the political arena i.e. in the specifically male amphitheatre, in order to acknowledge this massacre, decry the murders, call the murderers by their names, call the men to their noble destiny, in relaying the silent scream of the babies. It’s a totally incorrect  association, but necessary, even if it will not, during a certain period, collect a large number of members (60 until now, but if you apply for membership, it will already have 61!). One must attack, like with pincers, the abortion crime by two sides simultaneously: by the action of the Good Samaritan going towards the pregnant women in distress for assisting them to save their babies, and by a ruthless political action. This last one is rather a prophetic act than a political one. Only the prophets know to preach in the desert, the others are discouraged and go away. In short, our response to the abortion is double : tenderness without limit to the women and their babies (SOS MOTHERS), and force without compromise against the men and their criminal political world (AMEN). The registration fee to AMEN (25 E/year), including for foreigners, is to be sent to AMEN, BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, Internet site, email .


Friday, 21 August 2009
SOS MOTHERS meets a lot of joys, but also of pain. Please pray for the soul of Jessica, 17 years, pregnant, a Catholic from the Philippines, rescued by us 5 months ago from an African embassy in southern Europe where she was kept as a slave (sado-sex type). She died on August 19th, despite of all our care – in addition she was hemophile ! ,– as a consequence of the ill-treatment received in the embassy (abuse and malnutrition), but the baby in her womb could be saved. This baby, she never saw it. But before she died, she had intimated to us that she wished to call her HOPE if it was a girl. It was. It’s a sister of Jessica, student in Denmark, who will adopt the baby, so no problem from this side. The death of Jessica shook us severely. She was such a sweet young girl. His life was only a single path of the cross, which she courageously accepted. She died without stories, murmuring Hope… It’s sure that we shall explain to Hope who was her mother, hoping that the girl will not suffer too much, but that she be guided in her own life by her mother, a lightful character in the darkness of this rotten century. We hope that Jessica is now in the joy of God. Two holy masses have been said for her soul: one in Benelux, and another one in Paris (extraordinary rite) by our dear chaplain who is always available for our lost causes.

Tuesday 1 September 2009
Lea has, for the second time, her fist in plaster. She intervened ‘manu militari’ on a young man who bet, right in the street, his girlfriend throwing her on the ground. Later on, Lea succeeded in meeting the young girl alone. Her name is Samira, Arabic, 19 years: the struggle dealt precisely about what our valiant assistant had thought it did, her friend had beaten her because of the baby she wore from him. He didn’t want a baby. "You served him well, Lea, thank you ! » From there to save the baby, there was only one step. The baby is safe now, and Samira is in security with a girlfriend. Our humble mission, rather than preaching the Gospel of salvation, may be compared to the mission of Christ who "descended to hell » (Credo) in order to save those who were locked there. Are we not in the middle of the "culture of death » ? The work of Christ in "hell" was above all destructive: clouds are torn, darkness is chased, the infernal doors are crashed open, the chains of death are defeated, and the devil is delivered to eternal hell. The action of Jesus was anything but peaceful. Consequently, to the extent that our action would not include a certain degree of violence - the only one valid, it is to say that one of the divine Love – we may do beautiful sentimental things, works of human "solidarity", but this would have little to do with the salvatory action of Christ which is supernatural. In a world which is spiritually dead, there is, at Christ’s suite, often hardship, rescue, violence, and even physical battle (think of the saint wounds of Christ!) against the diabolical forces. Broad program for us Christians who are so timid, but what a marvellous light! Holy Trinity, save us, teach us Your saint violence proper to Your infinite love!» End of quotation.

Let's recall that SOS MOTHERS, since its foundation in 1995, was able to save 553 babies from abortion, of which 43 are yet to be born. Currently the association is hosting 25 pregnant mothers to protect them from hostile environment which may be dangerous and even fatal to the baby to be born. You can help writing to "SOS MOTHERS (UNEC)", BP 70114, F-95210 St-Gratien, , ph/fax +33-0134120268, (heading SOS MOTHERS).


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