RU 44/2007 - TCHAD, the Ark of Zoe

CHAD: The news about the “Ark of Zoe” – the alleged removal of 103 little children from Darfur and eastern Chad by a French private humanitarian group in view of their evacuation towards France “in order to save them from death” - stirs up all of France, from the presidency (the plane of the French presidency is transformed into an international air taxi to bring back 4 airline hostesses to Spain, and some months ago several nurses to Bulgaria) until the streets where demonstrations of support for the “rescuers of children” are surging, in particular in Marseilles, Paris and in the French Alps. The issue remains, in spite of innumerable reports in all the media, completely obscure. While waiting for the moment when the leading persons of the Ark of Zoe can explain by themselves what they intended to do, the highest prudence is due.

One sees in fact a Cocktail Molotov exploding under our eyes, made up of humane, political, anti-colonial, and deliriously impassionate factors. Almost the totality of the indicters who are largely co-responsible of the immense misfortunes which shake our planet (abortion, malnutrition, non-education, plain racism…), attack a small private group which apparently tries to do concrete humanism right in the concerned area. Ah, what did they do! They simply had not to rush into the international humanitarian business, exclusive and lucrative domain of those Gentlemen. We do not want in any case to judge this issue before the official judgment (by whom?). We want simply to say to our readers and auditors: let us be wary when everyone barks towards the same direction. Let us be wary when the indicters have themselves blood of children on their hands. For the moment, the only sure thing is that the crime of the accused persons is not proven, but that the crime of the indicters is obvious: their participation in various forms in the new world genocide which is abortion, at least by non-assistance to babies in danger of being killed, which should disqualify them from accusing other people of bad treatment of children. “May the one who is not guilty, throw the first stone on her!”, said Jesus in front of the woman who was to be stoned for adultery.

Let us recall the document which has been established in 1974 by Henry Kissinger, i.e. his secret report NSSM 200 in which the disappearance of 14 nations is coldly targeted, including Brazil and India, “if necessary in a coercive way”, while attacking especially the women and babies (by abortion and sterilization). This report was sent to all American organizations in the world. Another example: an association of rescue of babies recently revealed what occurs in certain African embassies in Paris: sequestration of young girls, rapes in “revolving”, sadomasochistic practices of the worst type, their hog-tying during the night to prevent their running away, abortion, even death by malnutrition and lack of medical care… We tried to inform several high French authorities on this subject, as well legal authorities, members of Parliament and medical top organizations. We collected only some ah and oh, nothing else. They are impotent in Paris. And these people dare to present themselves now as defenders of the children in Chad? - As to the defendants, let us be wary during as long as nothing is still clarified. Let’s keep an extreme reserve and observe what will occur, knowing what, again, Jesus said to his own indicters: “If did evil, prove it to me!” - (Ru; cf LP Nov. 4)



       - O.A.M.D.G. -