- VATICAN: Our last edition caused a few cancellations of our RU press releases from Germany and Austria. We were blamed for criticizing the pope. But when the father of a family smokes too much, his children have the right - and even the duty - to blame him for this. So it's also in the large family of the Church. If Mgr Lefebvre had admitted at his time that it was not permitted to ever criticize the Holy Father, where would we be today? There wouln't be a Priests Society Pius X, nor any one of its followers like the Priests Society St Peter or the Saint-Paul Center, nor any resurgence of the Tradition, as it had been rejected after the Council Vatican II by practically all popes and bishops. The big majority of our readers understood our critique which wasn't meant to be negative or sterile, but filial and constructive. Thank you for your numerous supports which we also received.

- FRANCE: The terrifying proliferation of Islam in France, timidly admitted by the civil and sometimes religious authorities, becomes obvious when one analyzes the numbers of church and mosque constructions. In metropolitan France were constructed as many Moslem cult places during the last 30 years as Catholic churches since one century: about 2000. In 1976, one counted 150 rooms of Moslem prayer; in 1985, 900; in 2000, the Ministry for Internal Affairs counted 1555 mosques and Moslem prayer rooms in France. Today, the last directory of public Moslem prayer rooms quotes 2149 places, including mosques, prayer rooms and other public rooms in private establishments. In the same way the religious practice shrinked dramatically. As to the number of Catholics going to Mass on Sundays, they were more than 20 % in 1972, 14 % in 1978, 6 % in 1987, 5 % in 2001, and 4.5% in 2006. Where are we going? The number of baptisms of children aged 0 to 7, in percentage of births, was 60 % in 1990, 57 % in 1994, 54 % in 1997, 49 % in 2000, and 44 % in 2006. "Otherwise, everything's fine, Madame Countess", says the French song. Precisely about the responsibility of the Church authorities in this dizzy regression, cf. the article on top. - (ru; cf. BSP)

- FRANCE again: For the legislative elections of June 10th and 17th, 2007, the best voting directive, according to our humble analysis, is the one made by Mr Bernard Antony, president of the French association Christendom Solidarity. We are pleased to quote here the essential passages: "I invite to vote for candidates of the national right who will the most clearly show their adherence to the following postulates:

1) Engagement in the defense of life and family:

- Replacement of the Chirac-Giscard-Veil abortion law by a protective law of all innocent life

- Refusal of all law of legalization of euthanasia

- Defense of the natural marriage between man and woman

- Refusal of legal recognition of homosexual cohabitation, and yet more of adoption of children by such couples

- Abolition of the PACS (civil union of concubinage without marriage)

2) Defense of liberty for schools:

- Recognition of the fundamental natural right of the parents to create schools of their choice for their children

- Abolition of the totalitarian parlamentarian law which forbids them

- Reform of the Šschool check‹ permitting the equal financing of all schools on the basis of the number of children whom they welcome

3) Establishment of a political resistance against the conquering ambitions of the Islamic ideology, with the necessity for the Moslem organizations in France to adhere to the following principles:

- Full and unlimited liberty of reciprocal conversion

- Affirmation of the equal dignity and equality of man and woman before the law

- Refusal of polygamy

- Renunciation of the principles of superiority of the oumma, of imposition of the charia, of the legitimacy of the djihad and the dhimmitude,

- Engagement by the Islamic organizations to require from the countries of origin of the Moslem living in France an equality of rights for the no-Moslem, comparable the one granted to the Moslem in France.

4) Dissolution of the E.U., and construction of a Europe of Homelands (RU: prefers the term EUROPE OF CHRISTIAN NATIONS) by the creation of pacts and alliances.

5) Refusal to Asian Turkey to join the E.U., treaty of friendship with that country after recognition by Turkey of the Armenian genocide and public guarantee of religious liberty.

6) Abolition of the Rocard-Gayssot law and of the totalitarian legislation under the misleading name of antiracism

7) Abrogation of the archaic and liberty killing law on the exclusive representativity of worker unions

8) Restoration of the death penalty to punish the authors of monstrous crimes (RU would add : "particularly for rape and/or murder of completely innocent and defenseless babies before and after birth, including abortions"). - (ru; cf. CS May 15th)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -