- BAVARIA: One knows that France, since vow of Lewis XIII in 1638 dedicating 'his person and his kingdom' to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, is the country of Notre Dame (Our Lady). But who knows that Bavaria also dedicated itself, exactly 90 years ago, to the Queen of the Heaven? Up the episcopal level, nobody wants to recall that. This is how the Priests Society Saint-Pius X organized on Sunday May 6th, to the big dissatisfaction of the archdiocese of Munich, a public solemn reconsecration of Bavaria to the Patrona Bavariae (protector of Bavaria). First a solemn Mass was celebrated in the Residence, which is the castle of the interior city of Munich, in its biggest room, the hall Hercules with a capacity of 500 people. Then 1200 faithful proceeded - with fanfares, banners, altar boys, and more than 40 priests and monks - to the famous column "Mariensäule", in the city center, to listen to a sermon of Rev. Fr. Schmidberger during 40 minutes, and in then to participate on their knees in the renewed consecration to the Immaculate Heart of the Holy Virgin. The priest insisted notably on the graces which the Holy Virgin bestowed to Bavaria throughout the history, not only at the terrible times of the Swedish war, and also that it's necessary to remain worthy of this marial protection while keeping away from the modern paths of atheism and materialism. - As to the allegation made by the archdiocese of Munich that this procession is a "provocation" of the Lefebvrists (one appreciates the terms), Fr. Schmidberger clarified: "Before this celebration in honor of the Patrona Bavariae - the protector of Bavaria - , we questioned the archdiocese. There we were told that they won't celebrate at all the 90th birthday of the consecration of Bavaria. After that we rendered homage to God's Mother, and this in public". The archbishopric also criticized that, in the invitations, the Priests Society of Lefebvre was not clearly mentioned as organizer (NB of our editor board: what does the archbishop of Munich intend? That the priests and faithful of the FSSPX display permanently a yellow star?). The faithful also prayed "for our pope Benedict XVI" who had taken leave from his faithful of Munich exactly at this place - the Mariensäule - , before leaving for Rome where he was nominated president of the Pontifical Congregation of the Faith... in 1982. - (ru; cf. Kreuz May 7, fsspx May 7).



- FRANCE. The French Catholics felt relieved when they discovered, on Sunday evening May 6th, that their new president was Nicolas Sarkozy (53 percent of the ballots), instead of the red Segolene Royal (47 percent). Even those who had recommended to cast a blank ballot, being unable to vote either for one or for the other one, as both of them are determined pro-abortionists, sighed in the secret of their heart: Deo gratias! In June 2006 the battle had begun by the announcement of the presidential candidate Segolene Royal that she would legalize 'homosexual mariage' and the adoption of children by homosexual couples: "Giving same sex couples the right to get married, is a necessity in the name of equality, transparency and respect... Both for homosexual or heterosexual parents, the adoption is above all a family project. From the moment when the same sex couple is recognized as a family, it has the right to achieve all 'family projects'". In contrast to such utopias aiming at reversing the world, Sarkozy maintained that the family must be protected: "Our model must remain the one of the heterosexual family: children need a father and a mother", he stated. - In February 2007, when the candidate Royal, who has nothing royal except her self-imposed monalisiac smile, began to despair facing the breakthrough of Sarkozy, she adventured herself into promising euthanasia, hoping that this would bring her more ballots: "I would opt for a legislation allowing people to cope with dignity to the most intense suffering", she blubbered. In one word, she pretended defending 'to die with dignity', while empowering the society to get rid of the old ones by murder: a satanic project! Sarkozy opposed himself to this project, but unfortunately he didn't counter abortion which is practiced in the beginning of the human life: in both cases it's dealing about exterminating human life that embarrasses. - As to the exacerbated laicism of the reds, freemasons and other delinquents, Sarkozy insisted in his book "The Republic, the Religions, the Hope", that it's necessary to stop the grudge of the previous generations who took pleasure in despising and ridiculing priests and monks". Facing the depravities and vices in France, he affirmed: "I will restore the statute of work, authority, expertise, respect and merit; I will give back honor to the nation and the national identity". After these strong words, one waits now for the implementation. - Facing Europe of which he is yet an eager defender, Sarkozy criticized the recent behavior of Brussels which harrasses some eastern European countries which ask for respect for their Christian traditions and principles, notably Croatia and Poland: "I recall to our European partners not to remain deaf facing the anger of people who don't recognize in the European Union a protective power, but a Troian horse in relation to all dangers which arrive with the changes in the world". Is it necessary to recall that his family immigrated from Hungary? - In the very last days of the presidential campaign, afraid by the perspective of losing the election, Mrs Royal accused: Sarkozy would simply be a dangerous dictator - a clear hint to Hitler! - who would provoke a civil war. At that moment, the French - and large portions of the immigrants - understood that it was impossible to vote for a demagogic liar. Even though J.M. Le Pen would have been surely a better president for France, including its unborn babies, the worst has been avoided for the meantime. Deo gratias! - (ru; cf. LSN May 7)

- - O.A.M.D.G. - -