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RU 23/2006 - AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is self-aborting

- WORLD: The O.N.G. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL (A.I. below) drops the mask. And thousands of Catholics from all over the world will leave this movement which never well succeeded in washing off the suspicion to be simply a "club of communists". It's the Vatican which gave the signal: as it already had done in 1997 towards UNICEF - a gang of abortionists disguised in advocates of childhood -, the Vatican declared it will henceforth cease its symbolic yearly donation to A.I., for reason of the new position of this organization facing abortion. Here are facts. A.I. had been founded in 1961 by Peter Benenson, a Catholic. This one died in 2005, and with him disappeared the "Catholic guarantee". In the beginning, that is after WW2, Benenson wanted to oppose, by this new N.G.O. (no-governmental organization), the proliferation of injustice, the death camps, legal torture, abuses by power by police forces and political emprisonment. Very good! But today this same nonreligious organization, hardly one year after the death of its Catholic founder, is slipping already down the slope of the most universal genocide of all times, abortion. A good lesson for us Christians: let's be careful with associations, as noble that they may appear, which want to be "neutral", "non confessional" and other utopias, like Radio-Courtoisie, Yes to Life (AOCPA), the National Front and others in France which, at the time of their Catholic founders, may walk perfectly in the right path for a moment, but don't give any guarantee for later on. Let's trust rather those which exhibit themselves, right from the beginning, as "Christians", like UNEC and SOS MOTHERS in France, or the CDU in Germany, or frankly as "Catholics" like Renaissance Catholique, Radio-Silence or SOS Tout Petits (the pro-life movement of Dr Xavier Dor). Even with the "Catholic" or at least "Christian" denomination, nothing is won in advance and it's constantly necessary to check the direction of those associations. "Who is not for Me, is against Me", said Jesus, and St Peter writes that all building that is not constructed on the angular stone Jesus Christ, is built on sand. - Let's come back to Amnesty International and its recent fall down the hill. We said, hardly one year after the death of its founder, i.e. this year, the direction of A.I. proposes to all federations "to think" about the option to be taken at the next meeting of the executive committee in July 2006 in Portugal: "YES to decriminalizing abortion in the case of rape and incest", and to the option to be taken the year after (2007): "YES to abortion upon request". In one word: "Kill the humans to protect other humans", throw the babies to the trash can in order to solve problems of adult persons between themselves. Tell me, what is for example the fault of the baby in the case of a rape? Do answer, please, false defenders of human rights! Your logic is perverse: to one crime, you want to add another one. Tell me where you found this logic, else than in cynical selfishness imposed to the youngest ones, in unlimited power abuse face to the weakness of other human beings. In fact you are choosing Hitler's morals, or even the barbarians' before Christianity! - That's the real thing, A.I. is speeding henceforth towards the terrible "right to abortion". Already A.I.'s federations of Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand gave their OK. The one of the United States expressed itself but "reserves its position to A.I.'s internal authorities" (honestly, what's this shy behaviour face to unrestrained killers?). - In France the archbishop of Tours - Mgr Andre Vingt-trois (today's archbishop of Paris)! - very courageously accused already in May 2004, almost hitting his own chest: "Abortion as correction of failed contraception is largely admitted in the 'best families'; thus, little by little, the perspective of euthanasia draws nearer." And cardinal Lustiger: "The fool is as worthy of respect as the one who believes himself intelligent, the woman as the man, the weak one as the strong one, the poor as the rich, the child as the old man, the one who dies as the one who yet is carried in the womb of his mother. This is the principle without which the whole building of civilization collapses." Poor Amnesty International! The most sweeping answer of a high representative of the Church facing this leeway of A.I. is the very recent statement (Le Monde of May 27th, 2006) of Mgr Oswald Gracias, president of the Episcopal Conference of India: "Amnesty International was always a reliable organization, known to protect the human rights of everyone, in particular those of the weakest groups of the society. If this honorable organization adopts now a policy in favor of abortion, it will say farewell to the human rights, its main characteristic since more than 40 years. For the Catholic Church, says Mgr Gracias, sexual violence and incest are violations of the human rights of the victim, but this doesn't give the right to eliminate the human rights of the baby to be born." Exit Amnisty International, self-aborted. - (ru; cf. LM May 27, LSN Apr. 25 and June 2, S.I. June 4, PMM June 2006)

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